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Congratulations Delta Brisbane on being crowned the 2017 National Club Champions!

Competing at the 2017 National Clubs Carnival in Bendigo against the best gymnastics clubs in Australia, our Delta Brisbane & Southport Gymnastics level 5-10 Aspire gymnasts have shown their depth and strength as Australia’s leading clubs!

Delta Brisbane had outstanding results across the board, winning the overall Australian Club Champion title for the 10th time in 12 years!

Southport Gymnastics also showed their strength, representing 4 of the 5 categories and placing 8th overall in Australia!

We are so proud of each gymnast for their positivity, consistency and support of one each other on the competition floor.  Shout out to our amazing coaches for doing all you do and to our Delta chaperones and families for supporting our girls!

The National Clubs Carnival is a great opportunity for both our younger gymnasts new to national competition and our seniors to compete as a team and travel and  tour together.

The event, while an incredible success, was a mix of emotion with fantastic results and team building on show, alongside some unfortunate and sad injuries and saw some of our level 10 senior gymnasts competing at their last event before retiring. What was evident though, was the support and spirit showed by each team member, coach, chaperone and the Delta army in the crowd.

Congratulations Team Delta!

Final Results:

Delta Brisbane Level 5National Club Champions!

Our Fierce 5’s have successfully claimed the National Club Champions title for 2017! Congratulations girls, you were incredible and we loved seeing that team spirit shinning through. 💙💛

Results: Vault 2nd AA ; Bars 1st AA ; Beam 2nd AA ; Floor 2nd AA ; National Club Champions Overall

Delta Gold Coast Level 5 – 6th All Around

What a great hit from our incredible Level 5’s! The girls hit 100% of their routines and improved on their performances from round 1. Congratulations girls, you were fantastic! 🌟

Results: Bars 5th AA; Beam 5th AA; 6th All- Around in Australia!! ❤️💛


Delta Brisbane Level 6 2nd All Around

The super 6’s were phenomenal in their round of competition. It was an extremely tight final and the girls worked so hard to save every 0.1 for Team Delta! We loved seeing those smiling faces and hearing their team spirit out on the floor. Congratulations on the Silver medal All-Around girls, well done! 💙💛

Results: Vault 1st AA; Bars 3rd AA; Beam 1st AA; Floor 2nd AA

Delta Gold Coast Level 6 – 4th All Around

Our super 6’s finished the National Club Championships off with a bang! The girls performed sensationally in a super tight final today! We loved watching you girls, congratulations! ❤️💛🌟

Results: Beam 3rd AA ; Floor 3rd AA; 4th Overall in Australia 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Delta Brisbane Level 73rd All Around

The Level 7’s started the 2017 National Club Carnival with a bang! Our Level 7’s were incredible and secured the Bronze medal all- around!! Congratulations girls, we are so proud of you. 💙💛

Results: Vault 1st AA ; Bars 3rd AA ; Beam 2nd AA ; Floor 3rd AA; 3rd Overall 👏

Delta Gold Coast Level 7 –

Delta Gold Coast Level 7 – 11th All Around

Congratulations to our fantastic Level 7 team! The girls did an incredible job out there, placing 5th on Vault and 11th All-Around! Well done girls! ❤️💛


Delta Brisbane Level 8National Club Champions!

Introducing our newest National Club Champions… our incredible Level 8’s took home the Gold after an excellent round of competition! Congratulations girls, you were fantastic out there 🌟🌟

Results: Vault 1st AA; Bars 1st AA; Beam 2nd AA; Floor 1st AA


Delta Brisbane Level 9/102nd All Around

Our incredible leaders have done an amazing job in round two of competition today!! With Maddy unable to compete, our girls stepped up and kept the Delta spirit alive on the floor. Congratulations on the Silver medal girls, you make us so proud! 💙💛

Results: Vault 1st AA; Bars 4th AA; Beam 2nd AA; Floor 3rd AA

Delta Gold Coast Level 9/10 8th All Around

Our Wonderful 10s did an amazing job 💫  Well done ladies we are so proud of you ❤️💛

Results : 5th on floor; 8th AA


Check out some of the competition and touring photos of the 2017 National Clubs Tour below:

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