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As 2018 draws to a close, we’d like to thank our Barron Valley Gymnastics Club Committee for all the work they put in and all they do for our gymnasts and Club.

Check out all the Committee have undertaken this year!  What an amazing bunch!

Barron Valley Gymnastics Club: Committee News

Thank you to everyone – committee members, volunteers and gymnasts who have contributed to achieving a huge amount in the last couple of months for Barron Valley Gymnastics.  To give you a taste, here’s a list of some of the activities we’ve undertaken:

  • Arranged and undertook a Queensland Gymnastics Equipment Audit
  • Won a Gambling Community Fund Grant for $34,000 towards equipment replacement for the gym
  • Ran the BBQ for our Gym Kids Carnival
  • Held a Christmas Craft Market fundraiser to coincide with Jnr Gym Kids Ta Da Carnival
  • Staff room tidy and upgrade to provide a lovely refreshed feel for staff to use for their meal breaks
  • Acquired new chairs for balcony and stools for reception
  • Attended to a burst water pipe – thanks to Cairns Regional Council for fixing.
  • Removed a paper wasp nest
  • Foam pit cleaned out – very hot and sweaty work with 4 truck loads of foam replaced (check out the pics below!)

Over the next month, the Committee’s main focus is following up from the Equipment Audit. You may have already notices some changes in the gym…. keep an eye out for fantastic new gymnastics equipment items appearing on the gym floor!

If you’d like to find out more about what we do and help out, please come along to one of our meetings (advertised on Facebook, in the Newsletters and via email) or simply drop us an email.

Finally, some thank you’s…

Committee Member and previous President Wendy Hainsworth is leaving us to move south.  Best wishes for the move! Steve Mortimer (previous President and Equipment Manager) and Tracey Stead (Fundraising Co-ordinator and long time gym mum) have both stepped down from their Committee roles due to family health commitments.  We wish all the very best to you and your families.

Foam Pit Clean Out:

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