Let's Keep Moving!

Kids climbing the walls?

Well done! Let's keep moving!

Keeping your child engaged during the holiday chaos is no easy feat, but you're on the home stretch now...

This is where we "tumble" in to help! 

Simply follow our steps below, grab yourself a cuppa and let our experts teach your kids the science of gymnastics through our free videos and materials. Enjoy!

Firstly, we are going to start off with a "Twinkle Twinkle" class with Julie! 

  1. Pop this YouTube video on the telly or a computer screen out of reach and turn the sound up for a virtual class with Julie!
  2. Allow lots and lots of space in the living area; make sure sharp surfaces and coffee tables are out of the way.
  3. Get your kids started with their "twinkling fingers", and just press PLAY! We we do the rest!
  1. Get the pencils/paint kits/crayons out.
  2. Make sure the kids have lots of cold water after all of that exercise.
  3. Download and print these Delta Gymnastics colouring-in sheets for the whole family to use.

While the kids are colouring, we are going to get prepared for our next class, but before Julie begins her next video, it wouldn't be the spirit of the holiday season without some silly jokes, right?

  • Q: What does a gymnast put on their popcorn? A: Some... uhhh... salt?
  • At this time of the year, if the bank says you have an outstanding balance, just thank them and say it's because of all the classes with Delta Gymnastics!
  • Especially after this year, if your bank ever calls you and says you have an uneven balance, just tell them you have it covered with first-in Delta Gymnastics 2023 enrolments! 🤣

Are you ready for some more purposeful play?

Let's join Julie now for some out-of-this-world fun with rockets! 🚀

What is Delta Gymnastics' "purposeful play"?

At Delta Gymnastics, we don't just teach cartwheels.

We teach children.