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Friday 15th June, 5:30am, 44 rugged up Aspire gymnasts, coaches and chaperones met at Delta Kedron to head to Australia’s country music capital for a weekend of competition, team building, fun and friendship! This year, our Delta Aspire Open Tour headed to Tamworth! 

Tamworth is home of the Country Capital Cup competition, which attracts 900 athletes from across Australia and Singapore.  Gymnasts from Levels 4 to 8 from Delta Brisbane and Southport Gymnastics Club were invited to attend and set off to adventure together for this fun event.

Our girls had an amazing time, competed beautifully and had some incredible results!

Below is a daily round up of touring fun, including some special mentions from the competition!  Happy reading and we look forward to seeing you all on the next tour!  Stay tuned for what adventure next awaits our gymnasts….


Day 1: June 15th – We’re Off on Tour!

Still dark outside, we loaded the bus with excited kids, bags, chaperones and coaches and got on the road to Tamworth!  We had a quick pit stop in Warwick for morning tea (where we tried to stay warm and started to acclimatize), then back on the bus – next stop Armidale!

Once arriving in Tamworth our amazing Delta Army took to the stands, to cheer on our Level 8 competitor, Skye as she kicked off the competition for our Aspire gymnasts!

Level 8 Competition: Country Capital Cup

Session 1 of the Country Capital Cup kicked off with the Battle of the Teams.  Skye from Delta Brisbane rocked the floor as part of the combined Level 8 team.

Skye was presented 6th place on Bars and her Purple L8 team placed 4th Overall in the Level 8 competition. Great job Skye and special thanks to her awesome personal cheer squad in the stands! Woohoo Go Skye!

Day 1 Wrap Up:

And just like that, Day one was done  What a huge day it was for Team Delta! After a long bus ride and a great start to competition, we finally said goodnight – ready for another day of fun on Saturday!


Day 2 – June 16th:
Level 6 Competition: Country Capital Cup

After a great sleep our Level 6 girls kicked off day two of competition. The girls performed beautifully in the chilly conditions and had a blast out on the floor! When the team and individual results came in, we were excited to learn our first session of Level 6’s have been crowned CHAMPIONS in their session!

Special Congratulations to:
Bronte Ince & Zoe Andersen who were named the Overall Champions in their respective divisions!
Tiffany Blyth also placed 2nd overall taking home the Silver medal.

Level 7 Competition: Country Capital Cup

Congratulations to our sensational 7’s on being named the Country Capital Champions! We certainly saw beautiful performances and great team spirit from our combined Brisbane and Southport girls on the floor today!!

Special Congratulations to:
Niamh McCarthy & Ruby Ingle who picked up the Gold medal Overall in their respective divisions.

Level 5/6 Competition: Country Capital Cup

Session 3 saw more of our Delta Brisbane & Southport Gymnastics Level 5 and 6 gymnasts compete at the Country Capital Cup. In exciting news, both our Level 5 & Level 6 teams have placed first overall in their divisions!!

Special Congratulations to:
Miller Enders (L5), Chloe Chambers (L5) & Emily Draper (L6) who received the GOLD medal overall in their divisions
Mackenzie Corkin (L5), Alexandra Duncan (L5) & Gabrielle O’ Boyle (L6) who claimed the Silver medal overall in their divisions
Maddy Spanevello who placed 3rd Overall in L5!

What a day of competition for Team Delta, we loved hearing the support out there on the floor!

Day Two Wrap:

Day 2 in Tamworth was a huge day of competition with our Level 5, 6 & 7 girls taking to the floor. The teams performed beautifully and we saw some new skills added to routines, some sassy floor performances and some booming Vaults from our girls.

We had a team lunch at the Hogs Breath Cafe and visited the iconic Golden Guitar for a quick photo opp!  After the competition the girls were treated to a pizza party with a photo booth and some good old fashioned line dancing!

After a busy and exciting day, the girls hit the hay, ready for Day 3, where our youngest ones, Level 4’s got their chance to have some fun on the comp floor!

Day 3: June 17th:

Our littlest gymnasts hit the floor for our final day of competition.  Our Level 4’s did a fantastic job, with many of the girls experiencing touring and competing interstate for the first time at this event!

Level 4 Competition

We are so proud of the level 4 girls who competed beautifully and finished the team competition ranked 4th overall. The girls had a lot of fun out on the floor and we loved hearing their team spirit! Congratulations girls! 🌟

Special Congratulations to:
Eleanor Owen who placed 1st overall in her division.



Wow, what a fun-filled three days our gymnasts had on tour to Tamworth! The girls enjoyed experiencing the Country Capital Cup for the first time and after a busy few days, the bus pulled back in to Delta Kedron late Sunday night (a lot quieter than we left with a bunch of worn out tourers!) Whilst most of our time was spent cheering on our teammates at competition, we also enjoyed hanging out with new and old friends, visiting the Golden Guitar and hanging about at the huge Tamworth Regional Playground!

We hope you all had fun and a HUGE thank you to our 5 awesome chaperones, our amazing coaches and a special shout out to our tour organiser, Lauren. We can’t wait to see where Delta goes on Tour next… watch this space! 💙💛





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