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The Delta Aspire Performance Program caters for high level National and International gymnastics. Gymnasts selected into this level of the program aspire to represent their state and country at Level 10 and International competition. As part of this program girls compete in the ALP Level 7 – 10 divisions along with Future, Junior and Senior International Competition. With a focus on mastering high level skills, exceptional strength and conditioning and an emphasis on goal setting and teamwork, gymnasts are equipped with the skills to be the best they can be – in the gym, at school and in their future endeavours!

At Delta we believe that it is not only what we do – but the way we do it. Our Core Values are what guide our decision making and unite our entire team; gymnasts, coaches and parents.

Click Here to read more about our Core Values. 

In our Aspire program we are so proud of the incredible leaders we have at all levels who foster our Core Values and demonstrate these in and out of the gym. Since you won’t get to see these amazing athletes in action this year, we thought we would share a little more about our highest level athletes for you to get to know and continue following their journey with #teamdelta!  

Meet Our Senior Athletes

Gymnast Name: Isabella McDonnell – Baum 

Nickname: Bella 

Age: 15 

DOB: 21/05/2005

How many hours do you train? 30 hours per week 

Current Level: Junior International 

Birthplace: Brisbane 

Favourite apparatus? Vault

Favourite skill?  Double Layout on Floor & Pak on Bars 

What is your next skill goal you’re aiming to achieve? Double Layout off Bars

What’s the craziest skill you’d like to try? Kasamatsu double twist 

Favourite gymnastics memory? Making it to Nationals 

Who is your hero & why? My parents because they support me in all the decisions I make and encourage me to just give everything a go even if I don’t succeed at first.

Best gymnastics achievement so far? Bronze on Vault at the National Championships and winning Gold with my team at this event. 

What do you love most about being part of #teamdelta? I love all the support that comes with being at Delta Gymnastics!

Favourite movie? Instant Family

Favourite food? Nachos

What do you want to be when you finish school? Biologist

Hobbies outside of gymnastics? Surfing, doing art and swimming

Which Disney character best describes you and why? Tiger because I am always bouncing around the place!

Best piece of advice you’d give to younger athletes? Trust your coaches and reach for your goals. 

Check out some photos, videos and Bella’s Excellence Awards below!

Excellence Awards


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