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We are loving what our Barron Valley Kids have to say – what an inspirational group of Aspire gymnasts we have up here in Cairns!

Last week I gave our Aspire 9 and above gymnasts a challenge of writing inspiring quotes or sayings on our blackboard in the gym, which they feel will help them achieve their goals.

The gymnasts have been adding to the board regularly & I am excited to share it is now full of really positive and motivating words! It is an impressive read! Well done to all of our gymnasts – this way of thinking will absolutely help you stay on track and support each other in gymnastics and in fact, in life!

Check out some of the great quotes our gymnasts are inspired by!


Level 7-10 MAG & WAG Competition Season

Our level 7 to 10 boys and girls are currently getting ready for their competition season. It is impressive to watch them go through their paces, develop their confidence and fine tune their skills as they prepare for these events.

We’d love to have our Barron Valley family come along and support our 7-10’s at their first event for 2018, My Routine Rules. Pop in and watch some amazing gymnastics from 4:15-7:15pm on 24th March!


Guards and Loops: Please refer to your Aspire Club Handbook for information on where to go and how to order guards and loops.

Leotards: We are excited to announce the new level 4 to 10 leotard is currently being prepared by Sylvia P. Stay tuned….

Being Prepared is essential to successful training:

  • Arrive on Time
  • Bring a Water Bottle
  • Wear appropriate training attire
  • Hair is up away from the face (if your pony tail can touch your eyes, please loop it)
  • Remember to have a healthy snack before training; and you may wish to also pack a nut free snack in your training bag.
Physical Ability and Development (PAD) Testing

The Aspire 9 to 23 hr gymnast PAD results are now available for pick up. Please see your coach at the end of class if you have not yet received yours!

Our Aspire Foundations gymnastics (Aspire 4-7.5hrs) have their first PAD Test for 2018 from 12th to 17th March.  Testing will take place during regular class time.

How our coaches are helping kids grow?

Every week our team of coaches has a weekly meeting where we discuss how each of our teams are going, the positives in the gym and any challenges gymnasts and teams may be facing. We also take this opportunity to ensure we have all children in the most suitable class for their gymnastics development.

Communication is Key

We try to make a little time just prior to classes, and after class to catch up with parents. We love letting you know how your child is going and want to help with any questions you may have.  Please don’t hesitate to come and see us.  You can also contact me via email at anytime: [email protected] I am here to help!

See you in the gym!

Di Stephens

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