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So much fun (and growth & development) can be had with a Bean Bag!

To an adult, it may just look like a simple bean bag or hackie sack, but to a developing brain, a bean bag is a large multi vitamin of learning and development just waiting to be opened and consumed!  By playing with a bean bag, your child will be growing their brains & bodies!

Here are some fun activities at home to move, learn and grow with a bean bag!

1. Balance on Different Body Parts

Body awareness! The weight of the bean bag turns up the volume of proprioceptive feedback to our brains. This sense helps isolate & tell us where our body part is in space so we can work on controlling it.

Challenge: Try walking and balancing, walking on a line or around obstacles.


2. Throw and Catch to Self

Hand Eye Co-Ordination. Scoop arms and open hands are a good start.  Remind your Jnr Gym Kids to watch the Delta triangle on the bean bags as it’s coming to them to support their visual tracking.

Challenge: Catch with one hand!  Clap in between throws!


3. Throw at a Target

Judging distance & force! Point to the target with opposite hand to support hand-eye coordination.

Challenge: Try over arm and under arm too!


4. Under, Over & Through

Spatial awareness!  Passing the bean bag around the body encourages little brains to figure out how their bodies fit in the world, while working on fine motor control & crossing the midline.

Challenge: Pass over, under, through & around the waist, leg & neck; try a figure 8 between legs & work the core by lying on the ground, lifting tummies & bottoms & passing the bean bag through!


5. Bean Bag Relays!

Build Indurance! Hopping, jumping running is much more fun when racing a bean bag to your partner at the other end!

Challenge: Crab Walk with bean bag on tummy!


6. Squeezies

Muscle Awareness.  Squeeze the bean bag between knees or ankles.  Try & steal the bean bag back!

Challenge: Squeeze and jump!


7. Cranes and Tip Trucks

Build Core Strength & Feet Muscles! Sit & lift bean bag with feet from one pillow to another.


Move, learn and grow with Delta Jnr Gym Kids!

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