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On the weekend, level 7-10 gymnasts from all three Delta Clubs competed at their 2018 Senior Regional Championships.  We are so proud of all of our senior gymnasts for their efforts over the weekend, in the primary lead up event for Senior State Championships!

With some incredible performances across the board, our gymnasts from Delta Brisbane, Southport and Barron Valley Gymnastics certainly showed what they are made of! Our Delta Brisbane and Southport Gymnastics Club gymnasts were part of the South East Queensland Senior Regional Championships and our Barron Valley MAG and WAG gymnasts headed to Townsville to compete in the Far North Queensland Region event.

With 5 Regional Champions, a trifecta in Level 7 for Delta Brisbane & Level 10 for Barron Valley and some big skills on show (4 double backs on floor in level 9 in SEQ!), we can’t wait to see what Senior States brings, when it kicks off this week in Brisbane.

All of our gymnasts have been working hard and should be extremely proud of their efforts.  You looked great out there!  We loved seeing our Barron Valley girls rock their new competition leotard for their first big event of the year!

Special mention to the below place getters in these events:

Level 7 Open:
  • Rosanna Muir: 4th All Around
  • Molly Walton: 5th All Around
Level 7 Under 13:
  • Isabella Wilson: 2nd All Around
  • Grace Webb: 4th All Around
  • Niamh McCarthy: 5th All Around
Level 7 Under 15:
  • Maya Sudrikko: 1st All Around
  • Summer Sullivan: 2nd All Around
  • Ruby Ingle: 3rd All Around
  • Emma DeFazio: 5th All Around
  • Eva Brockett: 6th All Around
Level 8 Open:
  • Siena Enders: 3rd All Around
  • Mekenzie Keane: 5th All Around
  • Rita-Lily Evans: 6th All Around
Level 8 Under 14:
  • Ava Kinnane: 1st All Around
  • Jessica Cleverly: 2nd All Around
  • Emma De Ruiter: 6th All Around
Level 9 Open:
  • Natasha Ho: 3rd All Around
  • Jaymee Dillon: 5th All Around
  • Kyanalee Coleman: 6th All Around
Level 10:
  • Madison Thompson: 1st All Around
  • Zoe Harden: 5th All Around

Check out the amazing Maddy Thompson’s winning Beam Routine here:


MAG Level 7 Open
  • Zaine Cahill-Churchill: 2nd All Around
  • Morgan Cotrel: 3rd All Around
  • Lukas Kohn: 4th All Around
  • Luke Gaughan: 5th All Around
MAG Level 9 Open
  • Samuel Stead: 3rd All Around
  • Haney Martens: 4th All Around
WAG Level 7 U15
  • Aimee Gowlett: 1st All Around
  • Claire Shead: 2nd All Around
WAG Level 8
  • Chloe Marginov: 2nd All Around
  • Jade-Leigh Kempton: 3rd All Around
WAG Level 10
  • Nadege Mindel: 1st All Around
  • Anna Kuroda: 2nd All Around
  • Gemma Geisel: 3rd All Around

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