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Delta Gymnastics has certainly evolved and grown over the last 25 years.  Yet over all this time, one thing has not changed – we love what we do!  Which is why we want to share our Core Values with you – because, well, it’s what we live by!

Who do you know who Starts with Heart?

We have asked our Coaches to share some stories about gymnasts, Delta staff members and team mates who demonstrate this value in the gym.  We hope you enjoy reading them!

Delta Kids Share the Love

Love seeing the notes and pictures our Gym Kids share with their coaches! Puts a smile on our face and is part of why we love what we do!


Parent Feedback on our Jnr Gym Kids Program

A father of two of our Jnr Gym Kids (a tiny Explorer and a Groover) is an Exercise Physiologist and gave some great feedback when our team called to see how the children were enjoying gymnastics.  The girls had been part of our Jnr Gym Kids for 6 weeks and Dad said the girls absolutely love their classes and it’s their favourite time of the week.  He mentioned he has noticed a massive improvement in the girls listening skills and in their grip strength (which has improved their writing at home) and he can see their motor skills and coordination have also improved since starting gymnastics. This Dad went on to say he loves watching the girls each Saturday and seeing them progress and that gymnastics has been fantastic for them. He can see how beneficial this sport is and sees them continuing gymnastics for many years.  He also said the girls love their coaches (Georgina and Sarah).

What a great sense of pride and achievement to be making a difference in children’s lives!


Bailey Walsh Reassures Members about Why We Do What We Do! 

Our Clayfield Team Leader Bailey Walsh went to great lengths recently on the phone with one of our Delta parents.  This child had been struggling a little in class and also taking some time to adjust at school.  Bailey spent around 30 minutes on the phone with the boy’s Mum, listening and asking how we could best help her son.  Bailey went out of her way to spend the time with her, so we could potentially make a difference in this child’s life.  As the conversation went on, it became clear the Mum was extremely appreciative Bailey had taken the time to call and have a chat.

Megan Mitchell, our Delta Operations Manager said at that moment she wished every member could have heard the conversation as well, to re-assure them that we are here to help kids grow up!

We know that many of our Delta Team Leaders, and Member Services Team Members have conversations like this every day. It makes us so thankful to know we have such a caring and considerate team, helping look after each individual child.


Our Amazing Holiday Clinic Coaches Start with Heart!

Each school holidays we run our Delta Holiday Clinics, keeping kids active over the school break and challenging them with Ninja Warrior Circuits, Mini Commonwealth Games events and lots of gymnastics skills and drills.  This particular Start with Heart Core Value story gives thanks to our coaches at our April Commonwealth Games Holiday Clinic! What an amazing job these coaches did, having fun and spreading the Commonwealth Games fever with our Gym Kids and Aspire gymnasts.  Special thanks to Hannah for writing the great and exciting programs, arranging the Comm Games Decathlon circuit and lanyards and for supervising the floor with Elena and troubleshooting to ensure things ran smoothly. The kids loved it!

We even had one little Gym Kids Beginner gymnast who came along to five sessions (two a day and then wanted to add the final session as well!) This definitely shows our coaches had HEART in delivering this awesome holiday clinic.  Special mention again to our youngest coaches – Ava Papas; Georgia Gerrard Stace and Tash Sam for doing such a wonderful job with these kids! Well Done ALL!  Check out the Commonwealth Games Holiday Clinic fun here!


Barron Valley Coaches Building Relationships

Our Team Leader in Barron Valley has been so impressed with his team living our Start with Heart core value.  “I have heard coaches asking the gymnasts some interesting information about themselves, or looking forward to finding out what has been happening at school today. The relationships that we are building now are the foundation for all of their learning inside these walls. If we have the time to listen to them, they are much more likely to listen to us, and when the gymnastics times get tough, they are going to need that relationship to hold them together while they get through it”.  Great job Team BV!


We’d love to hear your stories – keep an eye on our Facebook Page and comment with your core value stories, or email our Communications Team and let them know what to share!

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