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It’s hard to believe we’re heading into the silly season!  What a busy and fun year we have had at gymnastics.  We feel so lucky to have so many amazing kids and families here at Delta Gold Coast/Southport Gymnastics Club.  While the gymnastics side of things winds down mid-December, behind the scenes our team are working hard on some exciting new changes and updates!  So we thought we’d keep you in the loop, get in some housekeeping and get you ready to join us for another adventure in 2019!


Direct Debit Memberships

As many of you know, we’ve been transitioning our members over to a Direct Debit membership for gymnastics.  This means an easy and more flexible monthly payment option for our families.

If you’re already on a direct debit membership, a couple of reminders:

  • Your monthly membership fee is deducted on the 21st of each month for the month ahead.
  • As we head into the end of the year, the memberships change slightly.
    • On 21st November, you will be deducted one month’s membership, for 2 weeks of classes in December and 2 weeks of classes in January.
    • On 21st December, there is no direct debit
    • On 21st January, normal debits resume

You will be asked to make the switch to our direct debit membership option at the end of your current membership term.  If you’d like to make the switch to our direct debit membership earlier, please contact our team today.

2019 Classes

We are gearing up for next year’s classes and many of our children will move to a new class type in 2019. For our Groovers, heading to school next year – this means the switch to an afternoon or weekend Prep class. For some of our Intermediate Gym Kids, it means moving into our Aspire program and competition gymnastics; and for every Delta Gold Coast and Southport member, it means confirming a class position by re-booking into a new class for the new year.

Our team have been working hard to ensure we recommend the most suitable and beneficial class for each gymnast in 2019. This year, we hope to make it nice and simple for you to lock in your spot! Class recommendations for next year will be as close as possible to the same day and time you’re currently booked into.  Our current Groover members will have the option to book into ANY Gym Kids Prep class scheduled for 2019.

Soon you will receive your 2019 Class Recommendation by email.


Lots Still To Come!

We still have lots to come in the gym.  Our Jnr Gym Kids Ta Da Carnival and Gym Kids Carnival will be a great way to showcase all the children have learnt this year.  The Southport Awards is a fun, family celebration for our Aspire gymnasts and we will be enjoying lots of Christmas themed gymnastics throughout December!


Important Dates

Our last day of classes will be Friday 14th December with 2019 gymnastics kicking off on Friday 18th January.  Our Members Services Team will be available until Wednesday 19th December and will be ready to look after you again from Wednesday 2nd January.

Thank you for a fantastic year of gymnastics.  We hope you have had as much fun as we have and we’re looking forward to a fun, busy end to 2019.

Keep an eye out for your 2019 Class Recommendation soon!

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