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Our Southport level 3-6 gymnasts took on the best in the region on the weekend at the Gold Coast Jnr Regional Championships. Competing for the first time as Southport Gymnastics Club and inspired by some great support and advice by our senior gymnasts, the girls had a fantastic final training session Friday, before hitting the comp floor on the weekend.  And what a weekend it was!

Level 5 Unders & Overs and the Level 3’s kicked off the event and did a fantastic job!  We loved seeing so many smiling, confident performances from our girls.

The fantastic 4’s finished off the day’s events and certainly showed how hard they have been working in the gym these past few weeks.

The level 6 Under & Overs and the Level 3 Unders competed beautifully.  Well done ladies, we all just loved watching your routines.

We are so proud of each and every gymnast.  Not only did the girls perform beautifully, their team spirit and support of each other was incredible.  Below are some of the fantastic results our Delta Gold Coast girls achieved over the weekend:

Level 3 Under:
Sofia Crowther – 3rd All Around (3rd Bars and 3rd Floor)
Gaylene Wesche – 5th All Around (2nd Floor and 3rd Beam)
Lyla Proctor – 6th All Around

Level 3 Over:
Airi Tonzing – 4th All Around (1st Beam and 3rd Floor)

Level 4 Under:
Holly Crews – 3rd All Around (3rd Floor)
Isla Brown – 4th All Around (1st Floor and 2nd Bars)

Level 4 Over:
Grace O’Reilly – 1st All Around (2nd Bars & Beam and 3rd Floor)
Kira Budai – 3rd All Around (1st Bars)
Aliza Murray – 6th All Around (2nd Floor and 3rd Bars)

Congratulations to our Level 4 Regional Team Members: Isla and Holly!

Level 5 Under:
Skye Colliver – 3rd All Around (1st Bars and 2nd Floor)
Ruby Collar – 4th All Around

Level 5 Over:
Kate Petersen – 1st All Around (1st Vault, Bars & Floor)
Rebecca Webb – 3rd All Around (2nd Beam, 3rd Vault)

Congratulations to our Level 5 Regional Team Members: Kate, Rebecca and Skye!

Level 6 Under:
Jessica Cleverly – 3rd All Around (1st Beam, 3rd Bars and Floor)
Kaia Pascoe – 6th All Around (2nd Bars)

Level 6 Over:
Emma DeFazio – 1st All Around (1st Vault & Floor, 2nd Bars and 3rd Beam)
Chenoa Wilson – 2nd All Around (1st Bars, 2nd Vault and Beam)
Imogen Alker – 4th All Around (3rd Vault and Bars)
Chenoa Hill – 5th All Around (2nd Floor)
Stephanie Sprague – 6th All Around

Congratulations to our Level 6 Regional Team Members: Jess & Emma!

The girls and their super coaches are back in the gym this week preparing for their next events – Delta Challenge, in Brisbane on 9th September and then on to Jnr State Titles in the school holiday break! Go Southport!


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