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At Delta we believe that it is not only what we do – but the way we do it. Our Core Values are what guide our decision making and unite our entire team.

Our Core Values 

 We believe in making a difference step by step and helping people grow into the best they can be.

 At the end of the day the real gold medal is the life skills we learn through working hard and improving a little bit   each day.

 We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We care for one another and work together to make great   happen. It’s a journey and no-one gets left behind.
 We walk in with our head held high and a smile on our face because we want to be here and believe in what we   are doing.

 Loving what we do makes the good times better and the tough times worth it.

 We do what it takes to execute the routine with a dash of sass, know the steps, work hard, stick the landing.
 Gymnastics (and life) is having the strength to hold on and the courage to let go.  We do what is scary to avoid   what is dangerous. It’s not about perfection, it’s about being a little bit stronger and a little more brave than   yesterday. The courage to set goals and the guts to achieve them.

A very special CONGRATULATIONS to our 2020 Core Value Award recipients! These gymnasts have been recognised as living our Core Values in the gymnastics classes throughout the year. Check out some photos of our award recipients below!

Start With Heart One Team Do What’s Best To Be Your  Best   If You Don’t Leap You   Won’t Know What It’s   Like To Fly From Little Things Big Things Grow

Beckett Hopes
Leah Christofferson
Clarissa Conte
Anshika Singh
Lucy Wille
Alyssa Mitchell
Emily Spink
India Depasquale
Vera Chung
Olivia Dixon
Gemma Blunden
Gemma Litzow
Lindsay Webb
Piper Harboe

Ewan Wallace
Jessie Walker
Erica Clarke
Heidi Day
Maria Abreu
Evie Caddy
Lauren Sedgwick
Maddi Fellowes
Arrada Ongetpol
Selina Apolony
Maele Baudin
Hannah Mitchell
Matilda Woodhead
Jessica Bartholomew
Grayson Horwood
Aidan Ickiewicz
Apurva Gurugubelli
Olivia Johnson
Madison Palmer
Elsie Wiesner
Willow Slater
Sophie Barnwell
Emily Kernick
Beatrice Gilbert
Mia Zheng
Zara Andrews
Imogen Ross
India Colombi
Evelyn Shannon
Georgia Brown
Pyper Cozzi-Delaney
Zara Laidlaw
Ava McKeering
Emilia Cavallaro
Olivia Barry
Elmira Shatalee
Mia Emery
April Stuart
Dimana Tokushev
Lara Kozak
Jayda Cybulski
Daniella Cabrera
Stevii Joyce
Ulyana Amelina
Isobel Arevalo
Amber Marquez
Freya McMeeking
Ruby Gibson
Emme Bellairs
Elena Ortiz-Posada
Emma Palethorpe
Erin Long
Isla Chow
Lilja Jonsdottir
Zariah McGhee
Eleanor Myers

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