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In the coming weeks you may notice an exciting new facility upgrade for our Delta Kedron Venue!

We have been busy working on plans to make our entry to the gym a safer environment for all gymnasts and their families.

The upgrade will include safety fencing and gates and once complete, there will be no parking directly in front of the entrance, which will allow for easier access to the gym. There will be double gates (one to enter and one to exit) to keep congestion to a minimum.

Once inside the gated area, families are encouraged to please make their way through to the parent viewing grandstand.

Here is a mock up plan of our new entry:

Children will still be called to and dismissed from class from the usual spot in the corner, near the roller door.

We hope this new entry at Delta Kedron will ensure improved safety for everyone! The project should be completed by the end of this month and we can’t wait to see the finishes result!


Extra Safety & Security

While we are on safety, you may have also noticed cameras have been installed at our Delta Kedron venue, in a bid to best protect our gymnasts and our staff.

In July last year, Delta Director John Mitchell attended a workshop at the USA Gymnastics Congress on the use of surveillance camera’s to make a gymnastics club a safer place.

The session was conducted by the owner of ASI Gymnastics and he took the participants through a range of circumstances where the cameras had been invaluable. In summary, John learned:

  • Cameras protect people – children and adults. They protect the good and convict the bad.
  • Cameras on the gym floor can assist with reducing injuries in gymnasts. If an injury does occur, the footage can be used to help decide what went wrong and how to fix this in the future.
  • Cameras allow a significant opportunity to view classes with coaches for ongoing coaching & training improvement.
  • Cameras protect our members and staff against offences against their cars and vandalism & burglary at the gym.

In a bid to move towards world best practice in caring for kids, Josh Parker-Sloan has been working with local supplier to import the special gym floor cameras and install the following cameras:

  1. Two 360 camera’s on the gym floor which can be moved to view all areas of the floor.
  2. Two camera’s covering the Southern Car Park.
  3. One camera covering the lane way and grassed area on the Western Side of the Building.
  4. One camera covering the Northern Car Park.
  5. Two camera’s covering the pro shop, merchandise supplies and rear door to the downstairs office.
  6. One Camera covering the main entry to the gym.

We hope you enjoy our new look at Delta Kedron.












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