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We are getting Carnival ready!

Our Delta Gym Kids Carnivals are fast approaching and we are getting excited!  In Term 4 our Gym Kids have been focusing on the skills they will perform at their Carnival, as they get ready to showcase all they have been learning in the gym!

Carnival Dates and Session Times!
Gold Coast Gym Kids Carnival
Sat 4th & Sun 5th November 2017
Click for Session Times
Barron Valley Gym Kids Carnival
Sat 11th & Sun 12th November 2017
Click for Session Times
Delta Brisbane (Clayfield, Ascot & ALL Boys) Gym Kids Carnival
Sun 19th November 2017
Click for Session Times
Delta Brisbane (Kedron) Gym Kids Carnival
Sun 26th November 2017
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What is a Delta Gym Kids Carnival?

Our carnivals are held twice a year and give Delta Gym Kids a fantastic opportunity to share the skills they have been learning in class with their family and friends.

The goal of our Gym Kids Carnival is for children to develop confidence by performing in front of their family and friends, while also fostering a sense of team spirit.  Carnival is lots of fun and a highlight for our Gym Kids!  Children are encouraged to cheer on their team mates throughout the event and the crowd get involved celebrating children’s successes!

What happens at a Gym Kids Carnival?

On Carnival Day Gym Kids check in at the welcome desk and are given a coloured group for their session. The children will then be called onto the floor and grouped by colour.

Our amazing coaches take our Gym Kids through their Team Delta Warm Up to get them ready for the day. We will then get the parents ready – practicing their cheering when our Gym Kids perform their letter Y finish!

Children perform individually, showcasing 5 skills on each of the 4 gymnastics apparatus – vault, bar, beam and floor.  This is a great opportunity to take photos and see your child in action performing their gymnastics.

Each Gym Kid receives Carnival Feedback Certificate completed by the Delta Coach, observing their performance and skill level on each activity.  The certificate provides an indication of your child’s skill development and will be evaluated on a scale of Needs Developing through to Well Developed. It is completely normal to have a varied evaluation of skills based on the strengths of each gymnast.  This is a great way of receiving feedback on how your child is doing with their skills.

All Gym Kids are awarded with a medal, getting their time to shine up on the podium at the end of the Carnival.

What Step is my Child?

Our Gym Kids progress through the Delta Steps Program at each Carnival. There are 10 steps and each class caters for different skill set.  Children generally fall into the below Step Categories

  • Gym Kids Prep:  Step 3 and 4
  • Gym Kids Beginner: Step 5, 6 and 7
  • Gym Kids Intermediate:  Step 8, 9, 10

If you are unsure which step your child is on please feel free to ask your child’s coach.

This is a very special day for our Gym Kids so we hope that you can join us celebrating their achievements!  See you all in November!

Read more about the fundamentals of our Gym Kids program here.

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