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Wow, April already! Our Aspire gymnasts have had a busy start to the year – it’s hard to believe we are about to kick off Term 2!

The Seniors have started their 2018 competition season with a bang!  The girls did an awesome job at My Routines Rules!  An great event to start the season, MRR gave the girls the chance to blow off some cobwebs & get back into the swing of performing, in a fun, relaxed environment!  We had lots of fun and was great to see new routines and great performance from our Level 7-10 gymnasts!

The girls then followed up the next weekend with their Control Test.  This event is a practice competition for all senior gymnasts in preparation for State Team selection later next month.  It is a great opportunity for girls to practice performing for judges and to compete alongside other gymnasts from around Queensland. Our gymnasts performed some of their more challenging skills, to see how they go under a little pressure.  Following Day One results, gymnasts who successfully placed in the top 10 AA from each level were invited to attend an extra session on Sunday where the judges go through the previous days routines individually with the gymnasts and discuss area’s for improvement.  The girls then have the opportunity to perform skills for the judges to put that feedback into practice.

Southport Gymnastics and Delta Brisbane combined had a total of 20 gymnasts selected in the top 10 across levels 7 through 10!  What a great start to the season for our gymnasts – we are so proud!
Coming up…

is Senior Regionals, followed by Senior State Championships for our Level 7-10 girls!  It is a very big couple of months for our Aspire Competitive gymnasts and we love seeing just how hard they have been working and the level of focus displayed in training!  Some days can certainly be tough, however the girls continue to work as a team, encourage each other and push through!


We have created an inspirational quote board in the gym. The girls choose a quote and come into the gym and write it on the board …at the end of every session one of the coaches chooses one to read out.  If you would like to come in and have a look feel free there is some great ones on the board!!


We are all so extremely proud of these Seniors and as parents you should be also! They are leading the way in the gym for the juniors – well done ladies, you all are truly inspirational!

Not long now girls you are all doing a great job!


Foundations and Performance….

Our Aspire Foundations and Performance gymnasts, in level 1-6 have been working hard, learning their compulsory routines for the upcoming My Team Rules competition!  While it is still a weeks away, before you know it our juniors will also be in full swing with their competition season.  We want the girls to feel confident and be the best they can be, so we are getting on top of routine learning and performance.  We are really proud of how hard the gymnasts are working on their current level’s skills and to see them really pushing on!

As we head into competitions, have a read of one of our favourite blogs about six great comments you can make to best encourage your child when they perform! Read Here

Well done girls keep working hard!!!

See you in the gym!

Kim Whitehead

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