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September 4, 2017

Learning Through Gymnastics – Our Next Jnr Gym Kids Themes


Learning through gymnastics is what we are about at Delta!  Check out our latest Jnr Gym Kids themes below!

PIRATES & MERMAIDS: Splash & Lunge

Arrrrgh me hearties!  It’s the pirate (& mermaid life) at Jnr Gym Kids!

Lunging into a sword ‘swish’ is a great way to practice weight transfer in preparation for our handstands and cartwheels or just for good balance & body management.

We are holding our legs tight & together in our skills with our splashing mermaid tails and lifting those tails high to explore the shoulder stand, while rowing the boat is great for our core stability.

However, it’s playing our pirate games where all the fun begins!  Games allow our Jnr Gym Kids to remember a series of instructions and give them the opportunity to play with controlling (stopping) their movement, while in an excited state.  This supports REGULATION, which is a vital tool of development & school readiness.


LEFT & RIGHT: Directional & Laterality Awareness

Side Dominance or preference is important for children, however using both the left & right sides of the body purposefully in movement is vital for healthy brain-body wiring in early years development.

Understanding symbols or the language of left and right concepts can be tricky.  We’ll be using simple colours of RED for RIGHT & YELLOW for LEFT as visual cues to engage both the left & right sides individually in our body awareness & direction. Watch for lots of fun marching, turning, rolling, lifting, throwing & looking!

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left!



Our cars & tip trucks theme will challenge our Jnr Gym Kids’ spatial awareness, agility, regulation & control as we dodge and weave in our hoop cars, STOP at red lights and GO on the green!

Jnr Gym Kids will hold straight traffic light shapes for jumps & reach up out of our forward rolls! Over the speed bumps we will go, increasing the weight on our shoulders in bunny hops.

Our vestibular system will be in process mode as we TIP our TRUCKS in backward overs, one leg handstands & bottom lifts on the beam.

We will experience plenty of sensory feedback as we drive toy cars up our ramp legs and over our body bridges, providing deeper support of body awareness, core strength and further extending our gymnastics shapes.

Thanks for moving with us at Jnr Gym Kids!  Move, learn and grow!

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