As Delta’s Georgia Godwin gets set for the games, we thought we would give you a sneak peak into her life!  So get ready to meet Georgia!

With the help of our guest interviewers (5 & 7 year old Delta gymnasts from our Gym Kids Prep and Aspire 4 program), we asked Georgia to tell us all about herself, how she got into gymnastics and what she is most looking forward to at the upcoming Comm Games!

Thanks Georgia!  You have all of Delta behind you for the Commonwealth Games and are an absolute inspiration!

How long have you been doing gymnastics?

I have been doing gymnastics since I was 3. I started at a local PCYC on the Gold Coast after mum and dad couldn’t keep me off the trampoline at home!

What is your favourite apparatus and why?

My favourite apparatus is floor because I love tumbling. Being able to sprint into a crazy tumbling run, using all the power you’ve got and landing it is the best feeling!

(Here is a snippet of Georgia’s awesome floor performance at the 2018 World Cup qualifications):

How many hours a week do you train?

I train 30 hours most weeks.  If I am in routine mode, it will be shorter as I pretty much warm up and do all the required routines on each apparatus and then I’m finished.

What is your best/most memorable performance to date (& why):

My most memorable performance would have to be the recent World Championships in Montreal. I was surprised to make it into the all-around finals in 20th so to finish the finals in 13th was such a shock and I didn’t think I would actually be good enough to compete against the best in the world. This competition gave me the extra bit of belief and confidence that if I kept working hard and stayed healthy, I might be on the podium one day.


What is your most impressive/difficult skill you are currently competing?

Round off flick double layout on floor (you can check out this amazing tumbling pass in the above video!).

How many trophies do you have?

I have 47 trophies!

Do any skills scare you?

There has been one skill which has scared me since I was in level 3 (and I have never been able to do on the wooden bar) … a sole circle!

How do you overcome any fears?

I like to remind myself that I have done everything possible to prepare for this skill, and if my coaches didn’t believe I could do it they wouldn’t let me try in the first place. I also take a few deep breaths and talk to myself saying ‘you can do this’ etc.

What’s your favourite skill in gymnastics?

My favourite skill is the wolf turn on beam. It’s a nice feeling when you make it around 3 times and finish cleanly.

What do you love most about gymnastics?

I love the fact that I have been able to go to some amazing countries, compete alongside amazing gymnasts and have made lifelong friends.

What is your favourite part of training?

One of my favourite parts of training is finally landing that skill or making that connection I’ve been working so hard to get over the past few weeks, months or even years. The support I get from the girls, boys and coaches at Delta is incredible and is definitely one of my favourite parts as well.

What is your favourite song?

I have so many songs I’m loving at the moment like Hold the line by Toto, Two Ghosts by Harry Styles and This is me by Keala Settle.

What are you most excited about for the Commonwealth Games?

This Comm Games will be my first and I am most excited that its going to be on home soil with a home crowd. I am also looking forward to the village and meeting athletes from different sports and countries.

If not gymnastics, which sport would you be competing in at the Commonwealth Games?

Probably weightlifting… I tried weightlifting in primary school once and they asked me to come in and do it for real.

What is on your bucket list?

My top 3 would be to go sky diving and bungee jumping in New Zealand, to see the Northern Lights and to go to Budapest/Germany at Christmas time.

What cartoon character best describes you?

I think a Snorlax from Pokémon best describes. I am generally a relaxed person. I also love to have naps and love making/eating food.

When I am not in the gym I like to…

I like to relax and listen to music or read a book. I also love shopping and hanging out with friends.

Who is your hero?

My heroes are my parents. Without them and the sacrifices they’ve made, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity the pursue the sport I love and reach the level I am at now.

How do you feel about having a fan base – and being hero to so many aspiring gymnasts?

It all feels very weird because not long ago I was looking up to the older girls in the gym and wanted to be as good as them. I’m trying to get used to the idea of having a fan base 😊


What words of advice do you have for younger gymnasts?

My main piece of advice is to always keep going. If things aren’t working or you can’t get a certain skill even though some of your teammates can, just keep training and believing in yourself and one day you will get there.


Describe a typical day in the life of Georgia Godwin:

My typical day is waking up at 5.30 and heading to morning training (7 -9). I then head to work (10-3) and then head back to afternoon training (3.45-7.15). then I head home, have dinner and go to bed.

What is your ultimate goal with gymnastics?

My ultimate goal is to represent Australia at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. I would also love to get into coaching and inspiring the younger girls and boys that even if nothing is going right, if you persevere and believe in yourself things will start to turn around.

What is your favourite quote/saying which inspires you?

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward” -Victor Kiam
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Heading to the Comm Games?

Download your Georgia Godwin autograph card here as well!

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