PROGRESS CHECKS at delta gymnastics

Discover why we do Progress Checks and how they benefit your child.

Delta's Steps to Success program is the foundation for our Gym Kids to develop gymnastics skills and techniques. While we can SEE our kids and their coaches having fun on the gym floor week after week, it is the Steps to Success program that allows us to KNOW that each child is making progress.  
There are 10 Steps in the Steps to Success program.

What Step is my child working on? 

Our Junior gymnasts (45 minute class) will all be working hard on achieving skills from Steps 1 - 2.
Our  Intermediate gymnasts (1 hour class) will be working on Steps 2-5.
Our Advanced gymnasts (1.5 hour class) will be working on Steps 4-6.

Our Senior gymnasts (2 hour class) will be working on Step 6-10.

There are a range of Steps in each class type to ensure we are catering for each child’s individual needs on different skills. 

What is a Progress Check? 

A Progress Check allows us to celebrate the progress your child has been making in the gym.

Children will perform 19 skills across the 4 apparatus for the coach and their teammates in a fun, celebratory environment. Children will be tested on set skills on each apparatus. They will have been working on these skills in their classes.

When will my child complete their Progress Check? 

Your child will complete their Progress Check within their normal class across a two week period. We run Progress Checks every 6 months. Every child that attends these lessons will have the opportunity to be tested and provided with an evaluation on progress.

About Your Upcoming Progress Check

Why do we do Progress Checks at Delta Gymnastics? We
believe that it's really important for children to set lofty goals and
have the courage to go after those goals. In this video Delta Gymnastics founder John Mitchell briefs parents on the upcoming Progress Checks.

What Your Child is Doing on Vault

The Steps to Success Program helps your child to develop power and develop their ability to jump and land. Skills that are used in so many sports. In this video Delta Gymnastics founder John Mitchell helps to point out how your child's coach is assessing these developing skills on Vault.

What Your Child is Doing on Uneven Bars

The Steps to Success Program helps your child to develop strength. On bars, your child is working on grip strength, holding their body weight and building strength in their hips, tummy and arms. This will help them develop strength for the gym AND the playground . In this video Delta Gymnastics founder John Mitchell helps explain what Progress Checks on Bars will be looking at.

What Your Child is Doing on Beam

On beam, your child is working on developing balance and posture. We start by holding balanced positions on the beam, and then we move through balanced positions in walking forwards, backwards, sideways. In this video Delta Gymnastics founder John Mitchell helps explain the importance of a child learning to fall off the beam safely.

What Your Child is Doing on Floor

On floor, your child is working on acrobatic elements like forward rolls, backwards rolls, cartwheels and handstands, but we also work on symmetry and strength to ensure kids can progress to more advanced moves safely. In this video Delta Gymnastics founder John Mitchell helps explain the importance of a child learning to move through the small steps to grow into the more advanced tumbling moves safely.

A Reminder for Parents...

Just a reminder, children progress at different stages and have varying strengths and areas for improvement. Our role at Delta is to help your child feel comfortable and confident to try new things by helping them develop coordination, strength, flexibility, body control, core body stability and posture. These physical skills, along with the ability to listen, follow instructions and make changes will help set your child up for success in anything they do.

Our Progress Guarantee

At Delta we know it is important for every child to see and feel progress for their self -esteem and confidence. If your child not yet ready to progress to the next step, we will provide short 1:1 sessions (where we will focus on the challenging skills and help improve them) or alternatively we will find a second class to book your child into for a short period of time while we help them gain their confidence and proficiency (all at no extra cost to you). Our Progress Guarantee is available to gymnasts who attend over 80% of their regular lessons. 

About Our Progress Guarantee

In this video Delta Gymnastics founder John Mitchell  explains the Delta Progress Guarantee. At Delta, We want to make sure that every child feels good about what they're doing in gymnastics. If a child can't get through the Progress Check successfully, we'll have the coach and the team leader work out a plan to support them over the next few weeks. If we're still not there, we'll organise to do extra sessions FOR FREE.

What Happens After a Progress Check?

In this video Delta Gymnastics founder John Mitchell explains the process that occurs after a Delta Progress Check.  What happens with results, medals and certificates. He also talks about how children progress through the program.


If a gymnast misses a session what will happen?

If a gymnast is away on a testing day we will do our best to test at other times, however a complete test is not guaranteed. Please also note that during this time, make up classes will be unable to be booked to allow for accurate testing.

If we miss the first week should we attend the second week?

If a gymnast misses the first week yes please still turn up to the second week as we MAY be able to complete the rest of the test at a later date. We are not guaranteeing we will be able to or when.

When do we receive the medal / certificate?

Gymnasts who complete a full Progress Check will receive a medal and a certificate at the end of the second week. Parents will receive a digital certificate and the written results will be available on the Parent Portal (make sure you’ve logged in to receive your child’s Progress Check certificate!) approximately one week after testing has been completed.

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