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It’s Almost Time….. to Explore, Move & Groove at Delta Jnr Gym Kids! A big hello to our 2018 Delta Jnr Gym Kids families! We hope the holiday season was filled with lots of laughs & happy times and you are ready to an awesome year of gymnastics!

We’ve been busy preparing for the year ahead and are so excited to get balancing, jumping & rolling together with your precious little ones at Jnr Gym Kids!

Just like our first day at Childcare, Kindy or Prep, orientating our little ones in their big gym class is important for some serious super fun and learning.

We will start 2018 with our Bodies, Hands & Feet theme, which will get us started on that foundational body awareness. We’ll have lots of fun with simple weight transfer from hands to feet & build our confidence with basic landings and safety catches off beam. With a focus on getting to know our coach & our gym, we’ll start to establish our class routines, which really support children’s learning along the way! (Read here why we use themes at Jnr Gym Kids).

Getting the Best from your Jnr Gym Kids Class

Here are a few  important things to consider to make sure you get the most out of your child’s gymnastic classes:

WOW – It’s a Big Space!

Come a little early and help your child find their name on the drinks bucket.  Ask your child to pop their drink bottle in the bucket themselves and tell you what colour their bucket is!

Visit to the toilet and take a moment to sit and point out the various equipment.

Give them some choice and sense of control.  For example, “where shall we put our shoes & things? What can you see? I see some colours on the big blue floor – that’s where we’ll be starting first!”

For the Shy Ones…

Please expect them to be a little anxious – it’s a new environment and adults get nervous when put in entirely new situations too. They might not do everything on the first few weeks, but remember – observation is participation!

Relax & encourage them to join in with the activities they want to – they’ll have fun, and as their confidence grows, they’ll participate more.

For the Bouncers!

Children are born to move – we get that & have lots of fun activities for them to get stuck into to! We play with a purpose and our class structure is aimed for maximum learning & to build that listening & focus muscle too!

After a few weeks establishing routines with your consistent praise and encouragement your Jnr Gym Kid will be gym pro and will be telling you what it’s time for now!

Moving Together !!!

Studies show the most critical effect on children’s healthy activity for life is the participation of their helpers.  We value the bonded power of children playing & learning with their Helper.  Your coaches will help you with tips and ideas to get the most out of your gymnastic class together, but remember:

  • Have fun!  Childhood will pass all too quickly.
  • Phones away time to PLAY!  It’s more powerful investment than you may think – 45mins of you and your undivided attention is not only priceless to them, but a great active mindful moment for you too!
  • Leisure wear! Make sure you wear comfortable clothes so you can get your jiggle on and jump over that hoop together (without being concerned about ride ups!)

The first day of anything, while exciting, can see some tummies full of butterflies.  Preparation and your participation is key – so we hope the above, along with talking to your child early about where they are going, the fun they will have and what they will do at gymnastics – will be a great help!  Our Delta coaches are here every step of the way and please feel free to chat to them to discuss any concerns.

We can’t wait to get moving with you in the gym!  Ready, Set, Go!

See you from the 18th!

Miss Julie


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