What a weekend!  Well the 2018 Senior State Championships is over for another year and what an incredible few days we had!

With many stunning performances and record-breaking results, the highlight of Senior States was the true team spirit our gymnasts showed, both on the floor and in the stands!

This year, gymnasts from all three Delta clubs (Delta Brisbane, Southport Gymnastics and Barron Valley Gymnastics Club) competed at Snr State Championships at Chandler.  Cheered on by the Delta Army, family, coaches and friends it was wonderful to see so many smiling faces enjoying gymnastics! We are so proud of all of the competitors and coaches on such a fantastic weekend!

After a inspiring 4 days, in 2018 we are excited to announce Delta Brisbane have had a record of 12 gymnasts selected on the Queensland Team, to represent the state at the upcoming Australian Championships in Melbourne (21st to 26th May).  That’s 3 gymnasts in each team from Level 7-10!

Delta Brisbane also have six individual level 10 gymnasts who have qualified for National Championships and Commonwealth Game Silver Medallist Georgia Godwin will also be competing in the Snr International division.

Southport Gymnastics have 2 amazing gymnasts who have qualified for the State Team and Barron Valley Gymnastics have 3 WAG Level 10’s & 2 MAG Level 9’s heading to National Championships as individuals!

Further to this, 10 gymnasts across all three Clubs were selected on the Border Challenge Team, which will compete against NSW, VIC, ACT & WA at State Club Championships later this year.


At Snr State Championships, gymnasts from across the state in level 7-10 perform across two days of competition. Day 1, sees the girls and boys vying individually for the State Champion title and Day 2 is the challenge for State Team selection (where gymnast’s total scores from both days combine and the top 8 are selected in each level).

This year, along with our record number of State Team and Border Challenge Team members, Delta saw 78 incredible gymnasts get out there and show Queensland what they have got!

Congratulations to our 2018 State Team Members:

Level 10: Maddy Thompson (DGB), Anna Rowe (DGB), Madison Young (DGB)

Level 9: Jaymee Dillon (DGB), Natasha Ho (DGB), Kyanalee Coleman (DGB)

Level 8: Ava Kinnane (DGB), Sophie Graham (DGB), Jessica Cleverly (Southport)

Level 7: Isabella Wilson (DGB), Maya Sudrikko (DGB), Ruby Ingle (DGB), Ava Tyler (Southport)

Congratulations to our Level 9 & 10 Individual Performers heading to Nationals:

Level 10: Zoe Harden, Jemma Molo, Isabelle Musgrave, Holly Dunn, Isabel Carrasco & Samantha Watkin (DGB), Anna Kuroda, Nadege Mindel & Gemma Geisel (BVG)

Level 9: Sam Stead and Haney Martens (BVG)

Congratulations to our 2018 Border Challenge Team Members:

Level 9: Tegan Clough (DGB), Lucy White (DGB)

Level 8: Siena Enders (DGB)

Level 7: Niamh McCarthy (DGB), Eva Brockett (DGB), Grace Webb (DGB), Sienna McMah (Southport), Sienna Compagne (Southport), Montana Hoegel (Southport), Aimee Gowlett (BVG)

Special shout out to those girls who had podium finishes at the 2018 Senior State Championships:

Level 10:

  • Maddy Thompson (DGB) – 2nd All Around; 3rd Vault; 2nd Beam, 1st Floor
  • Madison Young (DGB) – 2nd Vault, 1st Floor
  • Gemma Geisel (BVG) – 3rd Bars
  • Nadege Mindel (BVG) – 3rd Beam
  • Anna Rowe (DGB) – 3rd Floor

Level 9: OPEN

  • Jaymee Dillon (DGB) – 1st Bars, 2nd Floor
  • Natasha Ho (DGB) – 1st Floor
  • Sam Stead (BVG MAG) – 2nd Vault

Level 8: UNDER 14

  • Ava Kinnane (DGB) – 1st All Around; 1st Vault; 1st Bars
  • Emma De Ruiter (DGB) – 2nd Vault
  • Jessica Cleverly (Southport) – 2nd Beam
  • Sophie Graham (DGB) – 3rd Beam

Level 8: OPEN

  • Siena Enders (DGB) – 3rd All Around
  • Emily Ashlin (BVG) – 3rd Vault
  • Mekenzie Keane (Southport) – 2nd Beam

Level 7 : UNDER 11

  • Niamh McCarthy (DGB) – 1st All Around; 2nd Vault; 1st Beam; 2nd Floor
  • Grace Webb (DGB) –  2nd All Around; 3rd Vault; 1st Bars; 1st Beam

Level 7: UNDER 13

  • Isabella Wilson (DGB) – 3rd All Around
  • Aimee Gowlett (BVG) – 2nd Vault
  • Ava Tyler (Southport) – 1st Beam, 3rd Floor
  • Sienna McMah (Southport) – 3rd Beam

Level 7: UNDER 15

  • Maya Sudrikku (DGB) – 1st All Around, 11st Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 2nd Floor
  • Ruby Ingle (DGB) – 2nd All Around, 1st Floor
  • Summer Sullivan (DGB) – 3rd All Around, 2nd Bars
  • Emma De Fazio (Southport) – 2nd Vault
  • Makaya Ghidella (BVG) – 2nd Vault
  • Charlotte Burge (DGB) – 2nd Beam

Level 7: OPEN

  • Rosanna Muir (DGB) – 1st Vault
  • Georgia Gerrard-Stace (DGB) – 3rd Vault

Artistry Awards

  • Emma DeFazio (Southport) – Level 7
  • Maddy Thompson (DGB) – Level 10


Check out our amazing team below!

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