July 31, 2017

The Handstand!

Is your little gymnast always upside down? Is every flat surface somewhere to do a handstand? Why is the handstand so important in gymnastics?

Handstands are one of the most important fundamental skills in gymnastics and handstand shaping is a big focus of our Gym Kids program. Did you know the handstand is used on all four gymnastics apparatus; vault, bar, beam and floor!

It is not just about going upside down!

In our Delta Gym Kids Classes we spend time developing the correct handstand shaping. We practice our tuck handstands on the box to build strength and to understand the correct body alignment. We learn about lunges, and practice kicking our legs up in our monkey with a broken leg. We also practice our cat stretch to help with shoulder flexibility so we can achieve a straight line in our handstands.

What are we looking for? 
  • Straight Arms
  • Ears covered with eyes on fingers
  • Chest in and open shoulders
  • Straight legs and pointed toes
  • Squeezed bottom

Our Gym Kids are building strong foundations for their handstands that will allow them to develop more advanced skills in the future.

Perfect practice makes perfect handstands!

Check out some of our great handstands below:

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