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On Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th June our Aspire Competitive level 4 to 6 gymnasts headed to the Maroochy Beach and Premier Invitational.

The girls had a great time on the floor and did such a fantastic job in competition. Most importantly, over the weekend we saw smiling faces, happy gymnasts, supportive teammates and polished, improved routines from all of our incredible Delta girls. We are so proud of each and every one of you!

Check out these Top 6 placings! 

Maroochy Beach Invitational 

Level 4 Under 10 

  • Faith Rose (North Lakes) – 4th V, 2nd Ba, 6th Be, 4th Fx – 4th AA 

Level 4 Under 11 

  • Kyah Thompson (North Lakes) – 3rd V, 1st Be, 2nd Fx – 3rd AA 
  • Mia Emery (Clayfield) – 5th Va, 3rd Be – 6th AA 
  • Adele Maloney (North Lakes – 4th Be, 3rd Fx
  • Charlotte McGlinn (North Lakes) – 3rd Ba, 6th Be, 4th Fx
  • Ella Davies (Clayfield) – 5th Ba

Level 4 Open

  • Hannah Nel (North Lakes) – 1st Va, 6th Ba 
  • India Evans (North Lakes) – 6th Be, 4th Fx 
  • McKayla Taylor (North Lakes) – 1st V

Level 5 Under 11

  • Sophia Gordon-Daveson (North Lakes) – 2nd V, 1st Ba, 2nd Fx – 1st AA
  • Isabella Dougherty (North Lakes) – 4th Ba, 2nd Be, 1st floor – 2nd AA 

Level 5 Open 

  • Abbie Bruce (Clayfield) – 6th Va, 1st Ba, 5th Fx – 3rd AA
  • Erin Brunello (Clayfield) – 6th Va, 4th Ba – 5th AA 
  • Eila Maclean (Clayfield) – 4th Va, 6th Be – 6th AA 
  • Katiana Jocumsen (North Lakes) – 2nd Va, 3rd Fx 
  • April Stuart (Clayfield) – 1st Fx
  • Matisse Faulkner (North Lakes) – 1st Be 
  • Gianka Slabbert (North Lakes) – 6th Va, 4th Ba
  • Alexandra Henderson (Clayfield) – 6th Ba
  • Rhianna Beachly (North Lakes) – 3rd Fx

Level 6 Under 12 

  • Lara Coward (Clayfield) – 3rd V, 5th Ba – 4th AA 
  • Neve McBride (Clayfield) – 6th Ba, 4th Fx

Level 6 Open 

  • Carla Slabbert (North Lakes) – 5th Va 

Level 7 Under 15 

  • Tahnee Ayre (North Lakes) – 2nd Va, 4th Ba, 5th Be, 1st Fx – 3rd AA 

Level 7 Open 

  • Emily Hammant (North Lakes) – 4th Va, 4th Ba, 6th Be, 1st Fx – 4th AA 

Premier Invitational 

Level 4 Under 10 

  • Ally Mitchell (Kedron) – 1st Va, 4th Fx – 5th AA 
  • Maja Olsen (Windsor) – 3rd Fx
  • Arielle Cooper(St Hilda’s) –  4th Ba 

Level 4 Open

  • Maria Abreu (Windsor) – 3rd Va, 6th Be, 3rd Fx – 4th AA
  • Aarvi Dua (Windsor) – 4th Ba
  • Holly Davis (St Hilda’s) – 1st Ba 
  • Mia Feeney (St Hilda’s) – 1st Vault 
  • Mackenzie Kirton (St Hilda’s) 2nd Va 
  • Isobel Arevalo (Kedron) – 5th Va, 6th Fx – 3rd AA
  • Gemma Horne (Kedron) – 6th AA
  • Tahlia Lightfoot (Kedron) – 5th Be
  • Stella Jenkins (Kedron) – 4th Fx – 6th AA
  • Eva Allen (Kedron) – 5th Ba 

Level 5  Under 11 

  • Ella McCormack (St Hilda’s) – 3rd Ba, 3rd Fx 
  • Chloe Golf (St Hilda’s) – 2nd Fx 

Level 6 Under 12 

  • Mikayla Assenheim (Kedron) – 6th Be, 4th Fx 

Level 6 Open 

  • Genevieve Mattea (Kedron) – 2nd Va, 2nd Ba – 2nd AA 
  • Heidi Day (Kedron) – 5th Va, 5th Be, 1st Fx – 5th AA 
  • Mileagh Jones (Kedron) – 4th Va, 4th Be, 6th Fx – 4th AA
  • Rosie Reid-Vallini (Kedron) – 3rd Ba – 4th AA 
  • Lily Hicks (Kedron) – 3rd Va

Check out some photos from the weekend below! 

Shout out to our awesome coaching team for helping our girls be the best they can be! And of course to our parents and supporters, thanks for all you do in helping prepare your girls for training, competition and for your awesome cheering from the grandstands on comp days!  What a team effort!

Now we are heading back to the gym to get ready for Delta Team Challenge this weekend at our Delta Clayfield venue. Go team Delta – bring it on!

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