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Below are some tips on how to choose your gymnastics club, to ensure you get the right program fit for your little gymnast!

1. Make sure your Child is in Good Hands! 

Clubs affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland & Gymnastics Australia ensure all classes are taken by an accredited Coach.  These clubs are covered under National Insurance standards and have appropriate safety, first aid, membership policies and lesson planning in place – guaranteeing the absolute safety for your child.  Accredited coaches have been trained, maintain their registration with regular updates, have a working with children check and hold current first aid qualifications.

2. Coaches Who Care

Go to the gym and watch the coaches and teaching staff in action.  Are they friendly, enthusiastic and attentive to the children?  Does safety seem a priority?  Are the children engaged in the class?  A great coach is invaluable to your child’s gymnastics journey!

3. Small Class Numbers

A capped coach to gymnast ratio, with ideally one coach for every 8-10 children is optimal for safety, learning and overall enjoyment of the gymnastics class.

4. Age Appropriate Classes and Progressions

Find out if the children in the class your child will join are of a similar age.  Does the club have a clear progression pathway for each child participating?  This is important to ensure continued learning, engagement and development of your gymnast on their gymnastics journey.

5. Structured and Planned Classes 

To ensure kids are active and engaged, classes need to be well planned and thought out.  A variety of fun, circuit based activities, keep gymnasts moving, exploring and developing for their whole class.

6. Parent Area/ Drop off & Pick up Policy

Depending on the age of your gymnast and the hours they spend at gymnastics, you may wish to stay and watch the lesson.  Check if there is a parent viewing area and what the policy is for dropping and picking gymnasts up before and after lessons.  Safety is key and no gymnast should be allowed to leave the gym floor without the coach handing them back over to their carers.

7. Class/Training Times

Do the training times match your family’s schedule?  Look for a gymnastics club which has family friendly class times.  Most great clubs offer classes Monday through Saturday (or even 7 days a week!)

8. Flexible Membership Options and Up Front Pricing

Of course you need to consider the cost.  Are there different membership options available which suit your needs?  What is included in your membership (i.e. registration/insurance/training).  As your gymnast progresses, what are the extra’s you may need to pay (competition nomination fees, travel, uniforms etc.)  Knowing up front and having clear membership options helps you be prepared!

9. Open all Year Round

Ideally your chosen gymnastics club will be open year round, continuing training through school holidays.  Children thrive with routine and breaking during every school holiday can disrupt learning and progression.  In saying that, some scheduled time off over the year is important for family life and a great club will have factored this into their programming!

10. Feedback is Key!

As parents, we all want to know how our gymnast is progressing.  Is there opportunity for your child to perform/compete/show what they have been learning in class?  Communication is key and you should feel comfortable talking to coaching staff about your child.

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