December 10, 2015

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids!

Need some healthy snack ideas for your active children? With busy family life it can sometimes be a rush to get to after school activities, while also fitting in a healthy afternoon tea snack for your kids!  The right afternoon tea is essential to ensure your child has the energy and focus to really enjoy their gymnastics class/sporting session, especially if they’re coming from a busy day at school.

Delta mum and Accredited Practising Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, Clare Evangelista from Balance Podiatry/Balance Diet Centre has given us some healthy snack ideas and practical hints to ensure you child gets time for a healthy snack after school!

Low glycaemic index (low GI) foods are perfect as they provide sustained release energy and a small amount of protein will also help your child to feel full for longer!

Here are Some Low GI Gymnastics Snacks Kids will Love!

  • A tub of yoghurt with a sprinkle of muesli
  • Fresh fruit with a milk drink
  • Air popped popcorn
  • Wholegrain crispbreads or corn cakes with cheese
  • A small tub of baked beans with some cheese cubes

For Afternoon Tea on the Run!

  • Try packing extra items in your child’s school lunchbox so they can start nibbling while they wait for you at the school pickup area.
  • Eating in the car may be inevitable, so keep a small towel in the car to put over your child’s lap while eating.  When you arrive you can fold up the mess inside the towel and shake into a bin instead of onto the floor of your car!
  • Keep a box of crispbreads in the glove box for emergencies.
  • Chopping up fruit or cheese will make it faster to eat if time is limited.

Establishing healthy eating habits is so important, so why not get started early and ensure your child is well fueled!

See you in the gym!

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