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Check out our Top 10 ways gymnastics benefits kids below!  With so many valuable benefits for children’s physical, social and emotional development – gymnastics is a must when it comes to choosing a sport for your child! Once they’ve started, you won’t look back!

10 Reasons to Choose Gymnastics:

1.  It’s FUN!

Jumping, rolling, tumbling, swinging, leaping, balancing – at gymnastics, there is so much fun in one lesson! Check out our Delta Gym Kids classes for your child!

2. Develops Strength

Gymnastics improves all around muscle strength and is fantastic for balance and posture.  This is important whether it be balancing on a beam, sitting at a desk in class, or walking upstairs or along the street.

3. Develops Flexibility

The flexibility developed at gymnastics assists with injury prevention and is beneficial for all other sports too!

4. Develops Co-ordination

Gymnastics equips children with the skills they need to interact with the environment around them.  They develop awareness of their body, allowing them to feel successful in physical activities throughout their day to day lives.

5. Teaches Listening Skills

Gymnastics helps children learn to follow instructions; to watch, listen and think independently.

6. Increases Self-esteem & Confidence

Through problem solving, working at a task and progressing new skills, gymnastics builds confidence – preparing children to take on any new challenges in life!

7. Provides Social Interaction with Peers

At gymnastics, children actively engage with other children and coaches.  In the gym they are learning and practising, taking turns, working in a team and encouraging others.

8. Encourages Goal Setting

From a young age, gymnasts learn to set goals.  The goal may be to climb to the top of the rope by the end of the lesson; to cartwheel by Christmas; or to make an Olympic team in 2024!

9. Develops Cognitive Abilities which help in the Classroom

Brain development depends on solid movement foundations and using the body and the mind is great for developing cognitive skills.  Gymnastics provides a brain boost, body boost and me boost!(Click here to read how gymnastics help prepare your child for school!)

10. Enhances Other Sports and Great for General Fitness

Gymnastics encourages a healthy lifestyle and children learn to love being active!  The body control and awareness learnt at gymnastics, is beneficial for other sports, activities and everyday life!


10 great reasons to Jump Into Gymnastics!  You won’t look back!

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