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February 1, 2022

Top 5 Ways Gymnastics helps to Prepare Your Child for School

The step to Prep is a big one!  Movement is vital in preparing children for starting school.

When your child is heading off to school, readiness is about more than being the right age; it is about being prepared physically, neurologically, socially and emotionally as well. Brain development depends on solid movement foundations.

Junior gymnastics and movement programs prepare children for school in so many ways!  Lots of movement experiences give children increased body awareness, allowing them to independently move their body parts, crucial to managing in a classroom environment.  Giving children opportunities to fall down and try again helps build their resilience. The little steps of achievement in each gymnastics class helps build confidence and self-efficacy, important factors in academic success and well-being (read about our GymKids programs here).

Top 5 Ways Gymnastics helps prepare your child for school

Gymnastics encourages self-regulation, which teachers rank as one of the most important competency for school readiness. In the excitement of games and vestibular opportunities practiced at gymnastics, children regulate energy and learn control, helping them co-operate & focus in the class room.

Stop, Look & Listen
Learning to line up, listening to the coach, following instructions and taking turns at gymnastics transfers beautifully to the classroom – prepping preps and getting them ready to learn

Practicing game concepts & socialisation helps children join in, fit in and make friends. Building trust and self-confidence, helps stay active in the playground as well as assisting with socialisation at big school and throughout life.

Strong Like King Kong!
Gymnastics builds a strong core, which supports the stamina children need to sit at desks and pay attention in the class room (postural fatigue makes it harder to stay on track and keep focus, so why not make it easier for our children and prepare them early!)

Stay Between the Lines
Fun activities like climbing, gripping the bars & beam, bunny hops & taking body weight all strengthen little hand muscles, supporting the fine motor skills needed in writing!

By exploring gymnastics and movement activities, children discover their potential and learn skills which are transferable to the classroom, other sports & beyond!

Want to read more? Check out this article from Goodstart Early Learning about school readiness.

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