February 21, 2018

Start With Gymnastics


We talk all the time about what a great head start gymnastics gives kids.  We know the skills learned at gymnastics are transferable to the skills we need in life – in the classroom, in other sports and growing into adulthood!  Coordination, confidence, strength, flexibility, friendships, cognitive and physical development, posture….  the list of the benefits gymnastics provides goes on and on!

This week many of us have been watching the amazing athletes competing at the Winter Olympics! 

Has anyone else noticed just how many former gymnasts are out there representing their country in a Winter Olympic Sport?

With gymnastics providing such great aerial awareness, core strength and co-ordination, it is no wonder it is such a great foundation for sports such as Freestyle Skiing.  Aerial Skiing, in particular is dominated by former gymnasts as it incorporates the acrobatic feats (twists, somersaults), strength, fitness and agility also seen in gymnastics!

Gymnastics Australia also partners with the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia to help find talent for the Aerial Skiing Development Squad in Victoria! Gymnastics – start here, go anywhere!

These incredible athletes, with gymnastics as their foundation, certainly know if you don’t leap, you will never know what it is like to fly!

Some of Australia’s 2018 Olympic Freestyle Skiers who started out as gymnasts are:

  • Lydia Lassila
  • Madii Himbury
  • David Morris
  • Laura Peel
  • Danielle Scott
  • Samantha Wells

Helping kids grow up is what we do and what an exciting thought to think where gymnastics can take our kids!  The sky really is the limit!






We love the Gymnastics Australia video of how gymnastics provides such an amazing foundation for kids.  Check it out in our blog here: https://deltagym.com.au/10-ways-gymnastics-will-benefit-your-child/

Congratulations to all of our amazing Winter Olympians and a big shout out to those gymnasts who are now leading the way on skiis!

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