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We’re loving being able to share stories of our gymnasts, Delta families, coaches and staff who live by our Core Values.

Whether a toddler in our Jnr Gym Kids program, an amazing Gym Kid or an Aspire champion, our aim is for Delta kids to feel part of something.  A beginner coach or a State Team coach: a Member Services guru or behind the scenes support, we really are one team at Delta.  We care for one another & work together to make great happen!


Team Georgia!

Our Delta family really came together to support our Senior International Gymnast, Georgia Godwin as she prepared for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.  Coming off the back of a amazing 13th place finish at the 2017 World Gymnastics Championships, Georgia went into the Commonwealth Games feeling prepared and confident and with the incredible support of her coaches, Aspire Team Mates and the entire Delta family.  Georgia won the All Around SILVER MEDAL at the Commonwealth Games, as well as Team Bronze and the Bronze on bars. The Delta members cheering from the stands & sharing their best wishes on social media and in the gym certainly did not go unnoticed. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves and no one gets left behind! One Team! (read more about Georgia here)


Delta Aspire Gymnasts Anna Rowe and Isabel Carrasco

This year, two senior Level 10 gymnasts from Southport Gymnastics Club headed to Brisbane to train at Delta Brisbane. One of the benefits of being part of something bigger are the extra opportunities it creates for all of our members and staff.

Showing fantastic team spirit, Anna and Issy got in touch with Kim, our Southport Team Leader to ask if they could pop into the Southport gym to watch training and visit with their Southport teammates.  Our Southport Level 4-8 gymnasts loved having Anna and Issy in the gym.  It really highlighted the wonderful team culture these gymnasts share!


Delta Staff Come Together for Our Gym Kids Carnivals!

Our Gym Kids Carnivals are some of our favourite events at Delta!  Twice a year, Gym Kids take to the floor to perform the skills they have been working in class for their team mates, coaches, family and friends.  One of the best feelings from the Carnival is the camaraderie as the coaches and staff pull together to make sure our Gym Kids feel special and have a wonderful Carnival experience.

From the Team Leaders organising logistics; Member Services taking calls and emails from members; Coaches preparing gymnasts and coaching on the day; Dan for setting up the RSVP system; Lauren for organising the Senior Gymnast helpers; Jordan for helping get the Jnr Gym Kids balls to Clayfield; Beck for all of the amazing graphics, newsletters & blogs on the carnival; John & Karen Prince (Skye’s parents) for running the BBQ; the JGK coaches for the amazing set ups; Josh for arranging the new sound system and making the Kedron entry way safer; the Snr coaches for the support of the Gym Kids and Jnr Gym Kids coaches; Naomi & Bri for helping new members book into classes around carnival sessions and explaining to new members that recently joined what the carnivals are all about; Joe for the everyday help and support with IT, systems and processes; Parents for volunteering on the canteen; and John for helping educate our Gym Kids parents with his explanations of what we do and why do it – it really is something every one at Delta is involved in and loves being part of!  ONE TEAM!


2017 Hall of Fame Recipients

In 2017 four former Delta gymnasts were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Together this group embody #One Team.   

Ali Kay came to Delta in level 6, placing 2nd last in Queensland. With hard work and dedication, she showed everyone around her what is possible and was selected on the State Team in levels 7,8,9 and 10 and was Level 8 National Champion.

Natalie Bennison came across to the Delta team as a level 9 gymnasts who was going to give level 10 a go before retiring.  Five years Nat had been selected on five more State Teams, had become the Level 10 state Champion, medalled at the Australian Championships, represented Australia on two occasions (winning international medals) in level 10. Natalie was a winner of the prestigious Carol Sussman Award for outstanding Floor Performance captained the Queensland team at Level 10.  Natalie then joined the Delta team in a different capacity, coaching and working in Member Services while studying at university.

Taylor Ryan is one of the most successful gymnasts in Queensland in the past twenty years with the enviable record winning every State Championship title from Level 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.  A feat we do not believe has happened before or since. Taylor represented Queensland in all level’s, 7-10 and captained the Queensland team on 3 occasions. Taylor travelled with the Level 10 Australian team to South Africa and to New Zealand winning team and individual medals on the international stage.  On retiring Taylor also joined Delta’s coaching team where she now works with our current Delta gymnasts.

Sophie Musgrave grew up at Delta, staring as a little 4 year old (you may recall a story about Sophie in our From Little Things, Big Things Grow post).  A multiple State Champion who represented QLD on 5 occasions, Sophie was Level 9 National Champion. Like Nat and Taylor, she represented Australia in level 10 as was Qld Team Captain in level 10. Sophie also moved into the Delta coaching team while she studied at University.

These amazing Hall of Fame recipients epitomise One Team.  Great team mates and supporters, they all worked together to make great happen!

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