Today we say Goodbye and Good luck to an amazing person who has been part of Delta for almost 20 years. Wow, what an achievement!

In 2008, at the age of 6, Kristy began Gymnastics at Delta. Little did her parents, Joy and Lindsay, know that she would still be here almost 20 years later, and what an amazing almost 20 years it has been.

John and I have been so privileged to have worked with Kristy as both a gymnast and a coach. Kristy has given her heart and soul to Gymnastics over the years and has overcome some pretty huge hurdles in her career as a gymnast.

Kristy’s is arguably one of Queensland’s most successful Levels gymnasts of all time, representing Queensland 7 times, captaining Queensland twice, winning multiple State Championships, National medals and three times being selected onto the Australian Levels team (including touring to South Africa).  All this has occurred through hard-work, determination and dedication to be the best she could be. Kristy will be the first to tell you that things did not come easy for her and perseverance was the thing that helped achieve her goals.

Kristy has always been a team player and has actively assisted and mentored the younger gymnasts coming up through the program and for this we are very grateful as it has meant we have had some amazing leaders in the gym.

After Kristy officially retired from competing in 2011, she joined our team as a coach. Kristy has grown, developed and flourished in her coaching role and her demeanor with the gymnasts has always been very nurturing, encouraging and positive. Kristy has been an inspirational role model for the gymnasts she has coached and we are extremely lucky to have had Kristy as part of the Delta coaching team.

We are so extremely proud of Kristy’s journey in Gymnastics and are very thankful that her Mum brought her to Gymnastics all those years ago.

Kristy, I hope you have enjoyed the challenges, rewards and tour adventures over the years and that you feel you have learnt life skills that will help you reach your next life goals. We hope the fond memories you have of your Delta family will be in your heart forever, please know that you are always welcome back!

As I sit here with tears in my eyes writing this to you, I can only imagine how your Mum and Dad must be feeling about you leaving the country. We will miss you enormously and wish you all the very best on your overseas adventures and know you will find happiness and success in whatever you do.

And in the words of Dr Suess

So Kristy…..
You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So… get on your way!

Megan & John x

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