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Sunday night our Barron Valley families, coaches and Aspire gymnasts celebrated 2017 at our Aspire Awards Night! What a night!

It’s been a busy and successful year for our Aspire gymnasts and we loved hearing our seniors speak to their peers and our up and coming gymnasts.  Sounds like Sam, Dianne and the team who headed to the International Gymnastics Camp (IGC) in the US in July had the experience of a lifetime! We also loved hearing the advice Monet would give her 7-year old self – that you can have whatever you want in life if you set a goal and do what it takes to achieve it.  Monet spoke to the group about believing in herself & in what she could achieve and how the senior gymnasts when she was starting out, helped her believe she could do it and be successful.  What an inspiration our BV young leaders are!

With a new coaching team this year, there has been lots happening for our kids and it was wonderful to see the Barron Valley spirit shining bright.  It was also great to see some familiar faces, with former BV coaches Matt & Kristen Walker and Maddison Pye joining us to celebrate 2017!

Thanks to our amazing Aspire coaches – Di, Sergei, Bede, Nick, Dionne, Leah, Mikayla & Monet – for all you do for our Aspire gymnasts at Barron Valley.  Special thank you also to the Committee for your ongoing support.

And of course – the gymnasts!  We are so proud of all of you! Congratulations to our amazing award winners and thank you to all of our gymnasts, families and coaches for another wonderful year of gymnastics at Barron Valley!



WAG Kylie Shadbolt Senior Gymnast of the Year Gemma Giesel
WAG Senior Club Champion Anna Kuroda
WAG Junior Gymnast of the Year Shona Fujitani
MAG Nathan Kingston Senior Gymnast of the Year Samuel Stead
MAG Junior Gymnast of the Year Zaine Cahill- Burchill


WAG Level 7-10 – Club Champion Anna Kuroda
WAG Level 7-10 – 2nd Overall Holly Dunn
WAG Level 7-10 – 3rd Overall Gemma Geisel
WAG Level 6 – Club Champion Aimee Gowlett
WAG Level 6 – 2nd Overall Claire Shead
WAG Level 6 – 3rd Overall Makayla Ghidella
WAG Level 5 – Club Champion Sky Komaki
WAG Level 5 – 2nd Overall Zahra Cooper
WAG Level 5 – 3rd Overall Shayla Frizelle
WAG Level 4  – Club Champion Finlay Goodall
WAG Level 4  – 2nd Overall Aisha Clarke
WAG Level 4  – 3rd Overall Isabella Turner
MAG Level 7-10 – Club Champion Haney Martin
MAG Level 7-10 – 2nd Overall Samuel Stead
MAG Level 7-10 – 3rd Overall Jamie Ashlin
MAG Level 5-6 – Club Champion Zaine Cahill-Burchill
MAG Level 5-6  – 2nd Overall Gerard O’Brien
MAG Level 5-6  – 3rd Overall Kodi Brooks
MAG Level 3-4  – Club Champion Cayden Cahill-Burchill
MAG Level 3-4  – 2nd Overall Clarke Walters
MAG Level 3-4  – 3rd Overall Lachlan Buttel


Aspire 2/3 Junior Best Trainer Indigo Ashlin
Aspire 2/3 Junior Most Improved Grace Forsyth
Aspire 2/3 Junior BV Spirit Helena Mortimer
Aspire 2 Best Trainer Georgia Bisson
Aspire 2 Most Improved Maya Vallely
Aspire 2 BV Spirit Shakira Brindley-Tessmer
Aspire 2 Senior Best Trainer Amelia Parsons
Aspire 2 Senior Most Improved Isabella Sposato
Aspire 2 Senior BV Spirit Robyn Diedricks
Aspire 4 Best Trainer Missy Norman
Aspire 4 Most Improved Grace Harbidge
Aspire 4 BV Spirit Addicyn Hoare
Aspire 6 – 7.5 Best Trainer Poppy Loveridge
Aspire 6 – 7.5 Most Improved Dakota Clark-Blackhurst
Aspire 6 – 7.5 BV Spirit Montana Brunning
Aspire 9 – 12 Best Trainer Sky Komaki
Aspire 9 – 12 Most Improved Josie Davidson
Aspire 9 – 12 BV Spirit Simone Gambin
Aspire 16 – 20 Best Trainer Chloe Marginov
Aspire 16 – 20 Most Improved Charlotte Bellwood
Aspire 16 – 20 BV Spirit Maddysun Laine-Geldens
MAG Aspire 2-4 Best Trainer Keishin Kurahashi
MAG Aspire 2-4 Most Improved Caylan Edwards
MAG Aspire 2-4 BV Spirit Dalton Parsons
MAG Aspire 12-16 Best Trainer Zaine Cahill-Burchill
MAG Aspire 12-16 Most Improved Lukas Kohn
MAG Aspire 12-16 BV Spirit Samuel Stead


1st Class Honours Finlay Goodall
1st Class Honours Philippa Taylor
1st Class Honours Makayla Ghidella
1st Class Honours Aimee Gowlett
1st Class Honours Zaine Cahill-Burchill
1st Class Honours / Qld Representative Anna Kuroda
1st Class Honours / Qld Representative Holly Dunn
1st Class Honours / Qld Representative Gemma Geisel
1st Class Honours / Qld Representative Monet Visser
1st Class Honours / Qld Representative Ulrike Fehlberg
1st Class Honours / Qld Representative Nadege Mindel
1st Class Honours / Qld Representative Chloe Marginov



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