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Move, learn and grow with a ball. You may have noticed we incorporate lots of different activities using a ball at Jnr Gym Kids!

Success in ball handling can often affect children’s willingness and likelihood to give team sports a go in the future. That’s why at Jnr Gym Kids we break down all of the skills needed to handle a ball successfully.

We focus on grip and fine motor skills as we work our way up from rolling, twisting, pushing and bouncing the ball, to eventually throwing and catching. These foundations not only help with children’s resilience and persistence, it means they get to experience success as they develop their confidence and ability using a ball.

You may also have seen us doing lots of “posting” in our under 5’s classes.  Children feed the hulk in our Superheroes theme, they post letters, they give Olaf his carrots during Winter theme. Kids love posting things – and all the while as we play, we are busily working on their release skills.  One of the foundations of throwing a ball is timing the release and our feeding/posting activities help get those little muscles ready for throwing that ball well!


To use a ball well, you need shoulder stability and upper body and core strength – all of which are developed at gymnastics!

At our mid year Jnr Gym Kids Ta Da Week, we gave our amazing under 5’s a gift – a spiky ball! A sensory ball is a great way for your little one to explore – throw, push, bounce, kick & catch….

Check out our favourite fun development activities to do with a ball!
Throw and Catch!

Start working on catching a ball with open hands and scoop arms, as children’s grip and fine motor develop and strengthen.  An under arm life or push of from the floor is a good way to get some momentum started for throwing the ball and both of these activities help develop shoulder stability, core and upper body strength.

Eye-hand coordination involves, tracking, focus, depth perception and judging distance & timing … so there is lots to learn to throw and catch successfully!

As they get a grasp on releasing the ball, try setting up some targets. Pushing the ball for knock downs works on judging force & aiming at a goal works on accuracy & finer direction!


Balls are for Balance!  Kicking a ball needs that one foot weight transfer (balance and coordination). What about prickly massage for some great tactile sensory input as well. Can you hold the ball in one hand, keep it still & count with me? 1,2,3!

Wibbly Wobbly

Sitting on a wiggly ball chair works core, legs & hip flexors!

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate
Wibble wobble wibble wobble
Jelly on a plate!

Upside Down…

Never miss a chance to turn upside down!

Have fun with your little one developing their ball skills. Watch their confidence and ability grow when practicing these skills!  Thanks for moving, learning and growing with us at Jnr Gym Kids.



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