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Our GymKids Progress Check’s are here and we’ve been working hard in the gym to teach your children great basics, body control, strength, flexibility and posture, which will help them soar with confidence to try new things and develop their gymnastics skills.

Here is some information on our Progress Check’s and testing weeks.

Delta’s Steps Program:

At Delta our GymKids progress through our Steps program, where they learn and develop gymnastics skills and techniques. There are 10 Steps in the Delta program.

In the lead up to our GymKids Progress Check’s we will be challenging our gymnasts to work on a variety of skills from our curriculum and in the weeks prior children will start working on their current, specific Step.

Our Junior children will all be working hard on achieving skills from Step 1 and Step 2, while our Intermediate gymnasts will be working on Step 3, 4 or 5, our Advanced Gymnasts Step 6, 7 or 8 and our Senior Gymnasts Step 9  and 10.

Steps Skills & Progress Check’s Testing:

Our GymKids Steps program develops varying components of movement and gymnastics across the four apparatus (Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor).

  • Vault includes developing Handstands; Jumping; Landings and Locomotor activities
  • Bars includes developing basics in Swings; Support; Circles; Strength and Safety
  • Our main focus on Beam is posture and balance but also includes Walks; Handstands; Jumps and Mounts/Dismounts
  • Floor includes teaching correct technique for acrobatic skills: Forward Roll; Backward Rolls; Handstands; Cartwheels as well as developing Flexibility.

How do we test?

On Progress Check Days, children will perform 19 skills across the 4 apparatus for the judge and their teammates in a fun, celebratory environment. Children will be tested on set skills on each apparatus. Each skill has 4 Key Points and children will be assessed on a continuum from Needs Developing through to Well Developed, depending on how many key points they’re able to demonstrate.

Just a reminder, children progress at different stages and have varying strengths and areas for improvement. Our role at Delta is to help your child feel comfortable & confident to try new things by helping them develop coordination, strength, flexibility, body control, core body stability and posture. These physical skills, along with the ability to listen, follow instructions and make changes will help set your child up for success in anything they do.

Parents will receive a digital certificate and the results will be available on the Parent Portal (make sure you’ve logged in to receive your child’s progress check certificate!).

Please understand if your child is away on the testing day, we’re unfortunately unable to complete testing at another time.

We look forward to providing information on your child’s progress & to seeing our GymKids perform at our Progress Checks!

See you there!

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