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What are the differences between our gymnastics classes?  Which group should my child go into and why? How does the process work? Here is our Step by Step guide to our program pathways…

Many of you will have heard us referring to our different gymnastics classes at Delta and wondered exactly where your child sits and what comes next? What happens when they head to school?  What class comes after GymKids?  How many hours will my child train in competitive gymnastics?  We hope this helps give more of an idea of our process, how we can ensure we are meeting the needs and challenging every child in the gym to be the best they can be!

Our Main Programmes

We have two main programmes in the gym – Delta Gym Kids and Delta Aspire – and lots of classes within each of these programmes for all of our kids, from toddlers to beginners, budding gymnasts to Australian representatives!

Feel free to have a chat to your coach or one of our Team Leaders to see how your child is progressing!

Delta Gym Kids!

Our Gym Kids program is where it begins with specialty classes for children from 18months through to 9 year olds.

GymKids is made up of 6 age-based classes. The first three, Jnr Gym Kids (under 5’s) classes are fun and engaging with a focus on movement. Full of themed excitement, children play with purpose with their peers in the gym each week. Our under 5’s progress from parent assisted classes, into independent learning the year before they head to school (kindy/pre-prep year).

Once children hit school, they move to our afternoon GymKids classes. Classes continue to be age-based and children are again grouped with their peers. GymKids classes are action packed and challenging and children progress through our Steps program, developing gymnastics skills and techniques. Children will generally progress two steps per year and twice a year perform at our amazing GymKids Progress Checks.  Progress Checks are a favourite for our GymKids, coaches and families. GymKids showcase their learnings to family and friends and are assessed on the skills they have been learning in their current Step.

Our GymKids Program is made of three sub-programs: GymKids Prep (for children in Prep at School), GymKids Beginner (for children in grades 1 and 2 at school) and GymKids Intermediate (for those children in grades 3 and 4 at school).

Once children have completed the GymKids program; or are beginner gymnasts in grade 5 or above they move to the Delta Aspire program.

Delta Aspire!

This program offers world class competitive artistic gymnastics training for beginners, right through to national and international champions!

As with GymKids, the Aspire program is a progressive pathway, this time through the Australian National Levels program (Level 1-10).  Aspire is broken into 3 streams, depending on level and hours trained.

Foundations is the first Aspire stream and introduces gymnasts of all abilities to performance artistic gymnastics. Aspire Foundations has a class to cater for everyone, from first timers (in Grade 5 and above) and gymnasts progress through our Excel Program or WAG ALP (Level 1-3). Gymnasts are also invited to perform at three internal team competitions per year. As an introductory stepping stone to competitive gymnastics, the primary focus is learning strong skill techniques, developing great training attitudes and enjoying being part of a team. Above all else, it’s about building a love of gymnastics!

From Foundations, gymnasts may be selected into our Competitive or Performance stream, which is for level 4-10 and International gymnasts. Gymnasts must have progressed from the Foundations stream, or have prior competitive gymnastics experience at a similar level, and the focus is on developing physical strength and flexibility, achieving excellent technique across all apparatus, fostering positive training attitudes and developing a lifelong love of gymnastics!  These gymnasts will compete at local, regional and state level.

Our level 7-10 and International gymnasts stream caters for elite, high level gymnasts with the desire and ability to excel in Level 7-10 and/or the International arena. Gymnasts selected into this stream will train 16 plus hours per week and contest individual and team Club, Regional, State, National and International events.

Athletes in the Performance team lead the way for the Delta Aspire Program. With a focus on mastering high level skills, exceptional strength and conditioning and an emphasis on goal setting and teamwork, gymnasts are equipped with the skills to be the best they can be – in the gym, at school and in future endeavours!

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