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It’s only a couple of weeks until school’s back (and for our 2018 Groovers, until they head off to big school for the first time!). No doubt there is some excitement, nervousness and trepidation all round as families prepare for this big step.

We know gymnastics is a great helping hand when preparing kids for school as it helps with social skills, fine motor and coordination, developing core strength and learning to follow instructions (just to name a few) – but we thought we’d share some tips we’ve picked up along the way to help in the lead up and on the first day of school!

Kids Matter have some great tips for getting kids ready to go (check them out here) as does Raising Children Network (click here).

Be Prepared!
Some ideas to get them ready…

Your Groovers have had some great practice taking turns, listening and working with other children at gymnastics and kindy, but some extra practice with play dates leading up to school is always a good idea to get them used to working with others.

Practice getting dressed and putting shoes on independently and opening containers and packets on their own in the weeks leading up to school, so your child feels confident and ready to go.


Get the Routine Sorted
We know kids love and need routine. Help prepare them for school routine by practising a little early.

Put together a chart of all they have to do before school each day to get ready (and start practicing it early).

Do the school run a couple of times, so they are comfortable with where they’re going.

Get the bedtime routine sorted in the weeks leading up (this can go out the window a little over the holidays), so they’re well rested and accustomed to bedtime.

Keep some regular activities they love (like gymnastics!) in their weekly routine to provide consistency when everything else is new! Remember they may be tired, so ensure some quiet afternoons during the week as well.


Allow Lots of Time
Doing a uniform check and packing bags the night before helps kids feel prepared and allows for more time on the morning of the big day.

Allow some extra time that first day so you can easily find a park and get to school calmy (and for the first day photos!)


Support and Love
Keep calm and positive (and pack the tissues) on the first day. What an amazing milestone you’re celebrating with your little one! Give lots of love and cuddles and send a positive message about school through your enthusiasm and excitement.

We can’t wait to hear about our gymnast’s first days (especially our Preppies heading off to big school). We know they’re all going to be amazing!

Check out how gymnastics helps prepare your child for school here!

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