What a busy weekend for #teamdelta! Our first Team Excel Round 1 for our Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond teams as well as the My Team Rules Competition for our Level 1 – 3 gymnasts took place last weekend. 

Team Excel Round One!

The Team Excel structure is Optional based which means gymnasts can choose skills that ‘suit’ their ability. If your flexibility is not great, the current system says you MUST be able to do skills that require flexibility, in the Team Excel system the requirement for example is a leap/jump instead of a leap or a leap requiring less split, thus allowing the gymnast to compete something she is great at, rather than something she is struggling with due to the morphology of her body. 

The Team Excel program allows coaches & gymnasts to choose skills that compliment the gymnast and allow them to show off what they can do well, not what they can’t do. Within the Team Excel program there are three divisions that partly correlate with the current levels; Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. 

We loved seeing our colourful venue leotards out on the floor and look forward to seeing more fantastic performances in Round 2 on 15th May! Who will be crowned the Team Excel Season One Champions??? 

Current Leaderboard

Ruby Session 1 Rankings after Round 1 

  1. Clayfield Emerald – 109.90
  2. Kedron Ruby Jewels – 109.05
  3. Windsor – 97.65

Ruby Session 2 Rankings after Round 1

  1. St Hilda’s / Clayfield combined – 108.70
  2. North Lakes – 93.40
  3. Kedron Ruby Red – 90.10

Sapphire Session 1 Rankings after Round 1

  1. Tiffany Sapphires – 116.55
  2. Calyfield Jade – 108.80
  3. Clayfield Sage – 107.95
  4. Kedron – 104.90

Sapphire Session 2 Rankings after Round 1 

  1. North Lakes – 109.85
  2. Cartier Sapphires – 108.15
  3. Kedron – 106.05
  4. Clayfield Olive – 104.25
  5. Clayfield Mint – 103.95

Diamond Rankings after Round 1 

  1. Tiffany Diamonds – 109.30
  2. Swarovski Diamonds – 108.35
  3. Cartier Diamonds – 107.20

My Team Rules Level 1-3 Wrap up!

Great job to our amazing Delta level 1-3’s on a great start to competition! It was wonderful to see so many gymnasts out there performing for the first time in a very long time!

Sunday 2nd May saw 220 Aspire gymnasts compete at My Team Rules.  A little different to our usual comp format, at My Team Rules gymnasts are randomly allocated a team (and a coloured hair ribbon to represent this team) to compete with, for the day.  It was so great to see so many smiling faces and confident performances!

At My Team Rules, gymnasts also have the chance to win special performance awards. The concept of these awards is to have girls focus on what matters in developing gymnastics. We want gymnasts to be dynamic and powerful on Vault, so we give the Dynamite Vault Award to 2 girls in each group. We then award 2 ribbons on each of the other apparatus for the things that count! On Bars we have the Swing Star Award for swinging & supporting with straight arms. The Beam Queen Award goes to those gymnasts who have shown amazing posture throughout their beam routine and on floor, where we want the girls to focus on their presentation, we have the X Factor Award.

In addition, we have a Stick It Awards for those gymnasts who show focus at the end of their routine with a beautifully controlled and stuck landing. 

Click here for the full My Team Rules Results (be sure to select your child’s level on the left hand side when you open the link.)

We hope you all enjoyed Team Excel Round 1 & My Team Rules as much we did! Check out some great photos from the day below!

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