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Want to meet our amazing Aspire gymnasts who train at Southport Gymnastics?  Get to know what their favourite things, what they love about gymnastics and what it takes to be in the Aspire program!

We’d love to introduce these inspirational young ladies to you each month in our Delta newsletter, The Balancing Act!

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Meet Sienna McMah

Sienna is one of our awesome level 7 gymnasts at Southport! Always smiling, check out some fun facts about Sienna below!

 Age: 12

How long have you been doing gymnastics? 8 years

Current Level: 7

Biggest Achievement in 2018: Making Border Challenge and placing on Beam

Best Part of Training: Learning new skills

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Favourite Quote: A Champion is defined not by their wins, but by how they can recover when they fall.


Meet Chiara Linnane ….Gymnast / Coach

Chiara is one of our Level 7 Aspire gymnasts training at Southport Gymnastics Club. We are also very lucky to have Chiara working with us as one of our Junior Coaches. Learn more about Chiara!

Age: 17

Level: 7

How many years have you been doing gymnastics?: 10 Years  

Favourite Food: Pasta

Favourite Apparatus: Beam

Favourite Quote: It’s two minutes of pain for years of success. So get moving!

How do you juggle being a coach and a gymnast? It’s good because I understand things from both a gymnast and a coach’s perspective. It’s also an enjoyable thing to teach kids what I have loved to do for years.

Why do you love to coach? I love to coach because I love starting my classes and there are so many smiling faces and happy little balls of energy that make me smile and love to come to work to. I love to teach the kids what I love to do and I LOVE Gym Kids Carnivals!

Meet Tayah Semple-Lewis   Aspire 20 

Age: 16

Level: 7

Favourite Food: Acai Bowl

Role Model: Nile Wilson

Favourite Apparatus: Floor

Biggest Challenge: Confidence …. And believing i can do it !!!

Favorite Quote: Stop saying i wish…and start saying i will…


Meet Sarah Stevens: Aspire 20 Gymnast 

Age: 16

Level: 8

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Role Model: Simone Biles, 2016 Olympic Champion!

Favourite Apparatus: Floor

Biggest Challenge: Believing in myself … I am starting to believe in myself more and more each day!

Goals for 2018 Competitive Season: To do clean routines at competition. To make a State Team this year.

My Favorite Quote: When the world says “GIVE UP ” Hope whispers,”TRY IT ONE MORE TIME.”


Meet Mekenzie Keane: Aspire 20 Gymnast 

Age: 15

Level: 8

Favourite Food: Strawberries

Role Model: US Gymnast, Shaun Johnson.  Shaun was the 2007 individual all-around World Champion, the 2008 Olympic balance beam gold medalist and team, all-around and floor exercise silver medalist.

Favourite Apparatus: Bars

Biggest Challenge: Learning new skills…even though it’s fun, I find it quite challenging.  But I am so excited and feel very accomplished when I have stuck with it and achieved something new!

Goals for 2018 Competitive Season: To Be able to make a State Team!

Go Mekenzie!  Believe in Yourself – we know you can do it!


Stay tuned for next month’s Aspire gymnast profile!

Read more about the Delta Aspire program here – for budding gymnasts to Australian champions and beyond!

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