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Welcome to Kim’s corner and a wrap up of what is happening in the gym for our Aspire gymnasts!

Bring on Comp Season!

With the Junior competitive season sneaking up on us the girls have been working really hard on perfecting their skills at training!

Our Aspire Coaches will be looking at the girls closely over the next couple of weeks to make sure they are ready and feeling confident in the level they will be competing this season.

Our goal is for the girls to always feel good about themselves and to be safe with their skills. If coaches feel any gymnasts are struggling in the level they’re currently training, they will make sure to talk to the parent and the gymnast to ensure everyone is on the same page.  COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY and our goal is for every gymnast in our program to feel confident and successful at competition and every day!


Aspire Foundations PAD Testing

PAD Testing will start for the ASPIRE 2 – 7.5 hr gymnasts in the week of March 12th – 17th.

PAD Testing will be conducted in the first class of the week for those gymnasts who come multiple times a week (Coaches will also cofirm with gymnasts this week, which session they will complete their PAD test). We run PAD over one training session only as it takes a full session to get through all of the activities and also, it makes it easier to test everyone together on the one day.

Can we please request all girls wear a full piece leotard on their PAD Testing day!

Go Aspire Foundations – you’ve got this!! 


Ready to Go!!!! 

It’s just about time for our Southport Level 7-10 gymnasts to compete in there first competition of the year!

Our first compeitition for 2018 is My Routine Rules! A wonderful build up event, MRR will be held at the Southport Venue on the Friday 16th March from 6:00pm (5:30pm warm up).

The Senior girls now have all the new floor routines and let me tell you they will be amazing!

We’d love to see as many parents and gymnasts come along and see the girls in action and cheer them on, Southport style!


Meet our Aspire gymnasts!

Each month we will be interviewing an Aspire gymnast who will share a few little details about themselves.  We’d love you to get to know our amazing gymnasts and see what it’s like to be part of the Aspire program!

Click Here to see this month’s gymnast in the spotlight and Keep an eye out for who makes the next Newsletter!


General Gym News

Finally, some of you may have heard a familiar voice on the Delta Gold Coast and Southport phones in the last couple of weeks!?  We are excited to welcome Jess Bass back to our team!  As you know, Jess has been on maternity leave with her gorgeous baby boy Hudson.  Jess is now working remotely and looking after our Gold Coast Member Services function!  I am sure you will all be as excited as we are to chat with her!  Welcome back Jess!

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