Below is a letter from Di Stephens to our BV families with all our July news and Aspire updates.

Hi BV Families,

What a fantastic term we’ve had in the BV gym! Every day I am observing kids and coaches really engaged in their activities and continuing to make improvements.  Well done gymnasts and coaches. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to all of our Aspire kids who competed at Macca Team Challenge. This was a great opportunity for our BV kids to showcase what they have learnt so far, and to show how far they have come in 2018. You all made us proud and impressed us with your positive attitudes and resilience. The team support and club spirit was on display and this certainly was a great start to the competitive season.

Overall I feel the gymnasts are heading in a positive direction and I can’t wait to see what they are capable of moving forward! Of course every event will have highlights and you all have new experiences and memories that you will treasure. I am also confident that you will all have learnt something that will continue to help you grow as a gymnast and as a person.

Once each event is over the coaches come back to the gym and evaluate what has to happen next to help the gymnasts with their individual challenges, and plan for the next event. Let’s keep listening to our coaches and continue to work together to make great happen!

It’s that time of year when our level 3 to 6 boys and girls are now well and truly into their competition season! This is an exciting time, however it can also be a little bit daunting. For great success it is important that the whole team is aware of their importance and the part they play in ensuring a positive outcome. Our team is made up of Gymnasts, Coaches, Judges and Parents! Here are some great hints on preparing and ensuring a nice, smooth competition day.

Retiring Senior Gymnasts

Three of our Senior WAG gymnasts – Anna Kuroda, Gemma Geisel and Jade-Leigh Kempton have announced they are retiring from gymnastics at the end of this term.  While we are sad to see the girls go, we are so proud of them all and very grateful they will still be great BV supporters! We feel blessed the girls will still be involved in coaching and judging for Barron Valley. How wonderful they can pass on their knowledge, experience and joy for the sport to our up and coming gymnasts. Congratulations on all that you have achieved girls. You are truly and inspiration to all of us at Barron Valley. We wish you all the very best in your future pursuits! Of course we will celebrate in an official manner at our end of year dinner celebrations! Well Done Girls!

Levels Testing:

We are excited to announce all of our gymnasts in levels 3 to 6 who tested at the Macca Team Challenge passed their level!  Level badges will be presented to these gymnasts soon.  Ever wondered what scores are needed to move up to the next level?

WAG Pass mark = 7.0 minimum score per apparatus, and 28.00 points overall.
MAG Pass Mark – Level 1 – 6 = 5.5 minimum score per apparatus, and 42.00

Qualifying for State Championships:
To be eligible to compete at State Championships in Brisbane in September, gymnasts must compete at Regional Championships and must also achieve the below qualifying score at a sanctioned event in the 12 months leading up to States.  Below are the qualification scores.  Congratulations to those gymnasts who qualified for Jnr States at the recent Macca Team Challenge.

  • WAG Level 4 and 5 = 34.00
  • WAG Level 6 = 33.5
  • MAG Level 3-6 = 42.00

We would love your help to make sure we have the best pictures of your child for our end of year awards dinner.  If you happen to snap a great photo at an event,  please send it in to us. We also love sharing great moments on FB as well, so are always excited to receive great photos of our gymnasts. You can forward to: [email protected]

Thanks Team BV, see you in the gym.

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