It’s definitely One Team One Dream for our Aspire gymnasts, families and coaches at Barron Valley Gymnastics!

It has been an action packed October for all of our Aspire gymnasts.  In the first part of term 4, we are enjoying the energy levels and the various success stories from members across all of our Aspire teams.

The cheering and high 5’s going on each & every day are a joy to witness!  All improvements, small and big are important – and each should be celebrated!  Well done to all of our gymnasts and coaches for continuing to strive to reach their personal goals.  On top of that, the support of team mates continues to demonstrate the incredible Barron Valley spirit.  Our young people celebrating and appreciating their team mates successes is something to be extremely proud of.

At this stage of the year we have just finished preparation for the final competition of 2017 – the Barron Valley Classic and are getting ready for our last 2017 PAD Test.  Great job to all our of gymnasts who competed at the Barron Valley Classic last weekend.  ‘Sportsmanship and Team work’ was our mantra for this team event and it was fantastic to see the improvements our gymnasts have made this year and the ongoing support they have for each other (there was some very impressive cheering on display)!

What we should say to our children before a competition.

Before the Competition:                           After the competition:

  1. Have fun.                                                    1. Did you have fun?
  2. Play hard.                                                    2. I’m proud of you.
  3. I love you.                                                   3. I love you

We are certainly so proud of our Aspire gymnasts and coaches!

Has everyone noticed how amazing our gym is looking up here in Cairns?

There have been many improvements in the gym over the past 3 months, and we are so pleased that this will continue to get better and better, ensuring training opportunities and the efficiency of our classes continue to improve.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the volunteers, committee members, and coaches who have volunteered to assist with various projects over the last couple of months!

Need to get in touch?

Please don’t hesitate to email me so I can attend to any questions you may have [email protected]

See you in the gym


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